Lauren Conrad: Spencer Pratt Apology Was Fake

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Fans of The Hills wondering why Lauren Conrad didn't say a word when Spencer Pratt called her to apologize on The Hills now have their answer:

She wasn't even on the other line.

Interviewed on The View this morning, LC was asked about the call from Spencer Pratt, in which he said he was sorry for spreading the sex tape rumors about Conrad and asked her to please attend his upcoming wedding to Heidi Montag.

Fake, fake, fake, Lauren Conrad says.

Put on the spot, Conrad hesitated briefly before throwing the show under the bus, but ultimately did so, admitting her contempt for the program that made her a star for the past five seasons, and expressing no regrets about leaving it.

That the show is about as "real" as Heidi Montag's rack is hardly news, but this is the most blatant admission by a cast member yet. Here's the interview, in which Lauren discusses her new novel, L.A. Candy, and Stephanie Pratt's bulimia ...


Ew Man Spencer makes me SICK. Heidi is so dumb for going out with him but what a bloody good job. He is o ugly, gay, ew and that blonde bum fluff! It would make every hills watcher happier to see spencer get his ass dumped and then have to leave the show. As for Heidi she is just as fake as him too, she went to hoes before bros so shes just the dumb one and i hope spencer hurts her good. Fake b****


Lauren wasnt faking the phone call, she was answering an actual call from a different person telling her to come to the wedding. Spencer however is just a liar and has ruined the show! Im not going to bother watching the next season, without Lauren the hills is nothing.


i love the hills so so so MUCH .. i can not belive spencer lied that boy needs a good clip round the ear . I am so happy for lauren but i am sad to that she is leaving the hills it wont be the same with out her she was the star of the show and wants a show with out a star .x can someone tell me this is kristain coming in to the hills DRAMA on its way lf she is .x well lauren i wish you the best of lick in the near future Xxxx lovee claire from Ireland x


omgg i lovee the hills so much i watch it all the time .. x lauren is the best .. And i am so sad that it is overr now it was soo good .. And congrats spencer and hidi best on luck to you two xxxxxxxxxxxxx


WOW, I didn't know that. I believe it though. The Hills is fake as they come. I even watched the exclusive extra crap "the speidi wedding special" or whatever the F**K it was called. I remember LO saying this about the phone call. " I don't even know why she picked up the phone" Well LO to answer your question... she obviously was talking to herself..

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