Lauren Conrad Embarks on "L.A. Candy" Book Tour

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Looking gorgeous as ever, former Hills star Lauren Conrad hosted the launch of her new book L.A. Candy at Thompson Hotel on Wednesday in Beverly Hills.

The retired reality TV star hopes to her her book adapted for the small screen: "It’s one of my hopes," said Conrad, 23, of a televised version of Candy.

"We're going to start working on that when I get back from my book tour."

Here's the star at last night's event ...

As much as she complained about being on The Hills towards the end, would Lauren Conrad be open to a return - or field new offers for reality TV forays?

"I asked not to hear them," she said. "I said, 'Don't tell me anything.' So, problem solved, and I got to enjoy time away. But my two months is up now."

She's also not giving up her fashion collection: "I have my line at Kohl's but I'm also working on putting back together my original line," she told E! News.

One thing she won't be doing? Checking out Kristin Cavallari's debut on The Hills. "I probably won't watch it," Conrad said. "I'm not a huge TV person."

Somewhat ironic from a person made famous by TV, but more power to her. Click to enlarge more Lauren Conrad pictures from last night's book event ...


In Lauren Conrad's book LA Candy the Jane character has a favorite book, can't remember the name? Any help?


anna's a freakkkkkkkkkkkkkk :D i love lauren conradddddd!


You R Such A lady i realy admire u from the begining u will make it cause u r so humble and thats all matters 'GOD BLESS'


go to and scroll down to "events" I believe... it's somewhere on the first page.


Does anyone know how to find out what cities and places Lauren is going to visit on her book tour? Thanks.


Lauren is the sweetest, most genuine person on TV these days. It's refreshing to see someone be so famous, yet so level headed and down-to-earth at the same time. Anna - you need to get a life. Lauren is none of those things; I think you're talking about herself. Also, she didn't ghost the book. She wrote it herself. Learn your facts before you put Lauren down and don't give her credit for all her hard work!


uh Anna...are you sure your not talking about yourself...pure evil, jealous and insecure? That's not what I see in Lauren.


Lauren is one of the most evil, insecure, needy and judgemental people on television. She slept with Stephen, Kristin's then bf and then to add salt into the wounds, slept with Brody after Kristin broke up with him. The woman has no shame. Plus, what the hell is this book crap. As though she wrote it. Everyone knows it was ghosted. She is pure evil, and so jealous and insecure.


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