Lauren Conrad Book Review: Not Terrible!

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Whoever ghosted Lauren Conrad's first novel L.A. Candy, isn't half bad!

At least that's the conclusion of the New York Daily News, which says LC's literary debut "leaves fans something to hold onto beyond memories."

Conrad, seemingly ably assisted by a collaborator, tells the story of Jane Roberts, a young beauty most notable for her sweet nature and innocence.

Sound familiar?

She moves to L.A. with her BFF from kindergarten, gorgeous, smart–mouthed Scarlett. Soon enough, they meet a producer making a new reality show.

The two are perfect for "L.A. Candy"!

'CANDY' GIRL: LC's first novel is ripe with allusions to The Hills.

Note that while Lauren Conrad is an aspiring celebrity fashion designer, Jane's ambition is to be an events planner. In fiction, creativity is everything.

The first night they're miked up and sent into a club, camera crew in tow, they run into a blond "wearing more makeup and hair products than clothing."

Turns out she's wearing a microphone too.

Madison, the wily one, introduces her friend, Gaby, who's so stupid she shouldn't be crossing streets without adult supervision. OMG, it's, like, so on.

Cameras follow the four everywhere (As Lauren Conrad once said: 'I wake up in the middle of the night and I think I'm being filmed') and Jane's uber-beyotch boss is suddenly all encouraging of this new phenomenon.

She begins to question what's real about her new "reality."

It seems the only person who hasn't signed a release form to get close to her is Braden, a struggling actor who she can't resist. But he's confusing her.

Brody Jenner is rolling in his grave right now.

This other girl, Willow, with whom he has a complicated relationship. So naturally Jane takes up with his best friend, Jesse, the baddest of boys.

Jason Wahler is rolling in his grave right now.

Jane emerges as the star of the show as Madison seethes, running to a vile editor of Gossip magazine to dish some dirt on Jane and score a profile in return.

Heidi Montag is rolling in her grave right now.

As the Braden/Jesse situation blows up, Madison strikes. Dear, trusting Jane doesn't see it coming. How naive is she? As much as she needs to be to play the heroine in a story created (term used loosely) by Conrad, who has her own brand of savvy.

NOTE: No reality stars were harmed in the making of this novel. And Conrad has a future to forge, with two more books to come, and an iron in the fire.

Fictionalized versions of Speidi, Jason and Brody appear to be present in Lauren Conrad's new young adult fiction series. Hey, should make it entertaining if nothing else.


I thought this book was quite interesting. It shone light on the ridiculous business of reality television, and how it changes people. While the writing was definetely far from top-class, Conrad tells a charming story I read with pleasure.
B+, I'd say.


It was okay i was expecting to love it but to be honest im quite disappointed and feel i spent too much money on the book. It was gripping however there were times where i sincerely felt i could do better myself and as a matter of fact... Anyway the ending left me utterly confused but i will still buy the second book


I really liked the book, but I can't understand who Lauren is in the book and who Gaby and Scarlett are in the real life. does anyone know?


i want to buy this book.. but i dont know if i should i love the hill!! Ive been reading reviews, and some people loved the book , some hated it.. ahhh help


Im a big LC fan, but wasnt sure what to expect from her writing. But i absolutely loved it. Read the book in 3 days. It was very good, in my opinion. Felt like I was watching a good TV series. And yes, some things resembled Laurens experience on the Hills, but in many ways its different. And you get a different perspective, like the behind the scenes stuff that goes on. All in all, I thought it was a great book, and I CANT WAIT for the second book "Sweet Little Lies" to come out in Febuary!


i absolutely LOVED this book. i cannot wait to read the next two.


this book is probably one of the worst books i ever read, not exxageratting.
i thought i was going to love it, but wasnt really expecting much from lauren. i was wrong, i could write better and i have no interest in becoming an authour.


She begins to question what's real about her new "reality." i thought it was just gonna be about her falling out with people and all teh stuff that happened on teh hills, sounds quite good actually!


Interesting book.


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