Laura Ling: Sentenced in North Korea

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On March 17, American journalist Laura Ling was arrested by North Korean military on the Chinese border.

Now comes to the really troubling news: following her and friend Euna Lee's June 4 trial for alleged "hostile acts," Ling - whose sister Lisa is a talk show host - has been sentence to 12 years in a North Korea labor camp.

As first reported by CNN, the Korean Central News Agency says the women will be serving time "for the grave crime they committed against the Korean nation and their illegal border crossing."

The U.S. State Department has not given up hope of their return home, however. Said spokesman Ian Kelley in a statement:

"We are deeply concerned by the reported sentencing of the two American citizen journalists by North Korean authorities, and we are engaged through all possible channels to secure their release. We once again urge North Korea to grant the immediate release of the two American citizen journalists on humanitarian grounds."

Lisa Ling (pictured, on the left, with her sister above), meanwhile, has said she hopes this tragic situation can at least enable the U.S. and North Korea to move forward with diplomatic talks:

"We would champion the opportunity to have these girls be the catalyst for diplomacy. I think it could be really amazing. The problem right now is that our two countries don't have a diplomatic relationship and so communication has been really limited. We are trying to encourage our two countries to come together and if this is the reason why they do, then we'll take it.


Bashing the US is easy from your computer but God forbid you have a disaster....... who will come to your rescue?? The United States of AMERICA!!! These 2 women knew better YES, but I have a heart and they weren't harming anyone and the punishment doesn't fit the crime. As far as GITMO, the world should be thankful that those people are being held. It may have saved your life or someone you love. Get real! And Crystal, you have no soul and I pity you!
The world looks for a bail-out from the US every chance they can. We send our men and women in harms way to protect innocent people, give money, send food, provide medical care etc... and still ignorant people shit all over the US. We are FREE, free thinkers and free speakers because we have earned it! God bless our troops and Ling and Lee!


Crystal: your crazy.


I have to say I find it entirely disturbing that so many people seem to think the US should fork out tax dollars from an already struggling economy to bail out these two women. Firstly, they knew exactly what they were doing...they meant to do it...they didn't mean to get caught! Secondly, anybody heard of GITMO? All those people being detained by the US for no reason at least these girls got a trial of some's more than the US would have done.


Both women are journalists, they choose the assignment and knew the risks involved. Thus they got what they deserved. They didn't know what they were doing? That's a cop out. C'mon they're both Americans of Asian descent. The world needs to take into consideration the grief the US and it's inhumane actions have projected on innocent Iraqi families (murder, rape, abuse, and torture). About time the US was held accountable for a crime. No sympathy for either woman or the US.


I am surprised Oprah have not launch a compaign on behalf of Lisa Ling, her girl that goes all the places she does not want to go.


i meant bad not bag


That's awful! I feel so bag for her, it will be far from easy!


Poor Euna Lee; can't even get headline attention on "Hollywood Gossip" ... I suppose she is doomed for the next dozen years to only be referred to as Laura Ling's BFF.


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