LaLa's New Haircut Channels Cassie's Shaved Head

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Cassie who?

The last time we heard from LaLa Vazquez (otherwise referred to as simply LaLa), her ass got thrown out of her "fiance" Carmelo Anthony's NBA playoff game in Dallas after a pointed altercation with fans in the stands.

Well, the VH1, MTV personality, actress and former radio DJ is back in the news again after another sharp exchange - this time with a pair of clippers.

That's right, LaLa debuted her new haircut today via Twitter.

You could say it's a remix, as it's similar to Cassie's shaved head, which you'll recall caused a bit of a stir (though not as much as her nude pics) in April.

Even though LaLa didn’t get as drastic as Cassie with the clippers, she added her own touch to the look. Take a gander below and see what you think ...

LaLa Vazquez Pic

What do you think of LaLa's new haircut / shaved head?

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I think the new look is veryy cute. Yet , different ! I'm kinda thinkin about getting the whole lala look (:
- But aqain very CUTE hair style ...


Waouh!! Beautiful girl yu ar very very nice




I Think Dat Lala's Hair is cute I Like It! she is ROCKIN da HELL out of dat Hair cut hell its 2011 out wit ol in wit da new...


lord have mercy if i see another bald head or shaved half off im going to scream ladys stop doing this too yourself i understand u want to be different and stand out but your hair is 1thing u dont touch


She's still gorgeous!!!


who cares. its just hair. it will grow back. jeez.


ay lala look hella kute tho cassie do 2 but lala look betta besidz ilove lala


thiis jankk isz supa cutee..
killin cassie's..


I think its kinna cute, far less drastic then lost in the world cassie's attempt. s/:\s whatever (shrugs)