Lady GaGa Wants to Have Sex with The Jonas Brothers

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Those that picked up the most recent issue of Rolling Stone got a glimpse Lady GaGa nude, covered in bubbles.

But if The Jonas Brothers wish to see (and touch and lick and... ewww!) the real thing in person, they just need to give the eccentric singer a call.

When asked about the sexiest siblings in show business, Lady GaGa ignored the promise rings on their fingers and simply stated:

I love The Jonas Brothers, they’re very talented. I met them once. I’d like to have a foursome with them.

Then again, what female wouldn't?!? Moreover, is there anyone Lada GaGa would not sleep with?!?

Perhaps this isn't really a breaking story after all. We'll just use it as an excuse to post a photo of Kevin, Nick, and Joe:


heyyyaaa ppz i loveeee lady gaga n joe jonas issss fit. lol! x every1 ok? x


lady gaga wtf!like ur kool n everyting bt dud the jo bros its like child malester bt you have good taste n thats kool bt like ewwwh!!!!!wtf is all i got to say and i think you should be ashamed ... "( srry


This is sick. She should be ashamed.
Saying something about those precious boys. Yuck.


i want sex


have sex with me




se referia a un cuarteto musical, malas lenguas!


Lady gaga??
Shes a really sick person in my eyes..!
Although is music is pretty good.. Hah hah. I also like the part about an excuse to post a pic of JB. Hah hah:D I them boyss. They are my LIFEE

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