Lady GaGa Wants to Have Sex with The Jonas Brothers

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Those that picked up the most recent issue of Rolling Stone got a glimpse Lady GaGa nude, covered in bubbles.

But if The Jonas Brothers wish to see (and touch and lick and... ewww!) the real thing in person, they just need to give the eccentric singer a call.

When asked about the sexiest siblings in show business, Lady GaGa ignored the promise rings on their fingers and simply stated:

I love The Jonas Brothers, they’re very talented. I met them once. I’d like to have a foursome with them.

Then again, what female wouldn't?!? Moreover, is there anyone Lada GaGa would not sleep with?!?

Perhaps this isn't really a breaking story after all. We'll just use it as an excuse to post a photo of Kevin, Nick, and Joe:

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Lady GaGa is a preformer- and not just when she's on stage. You've got to be blind to not realize that she's a publicity hog. It's all just an act. The blood, the hemorphob(idk how to spell that lol), the racy videos, the sex, Id be more repulsed if the statment came from someone else. I highly doubt she means this, like I said a performer. She had to take a perfectly innocent question and turn it into a mini scandel. I'm not saying she isn't talented,(I happen to adore just dance) but once a preformer always a preformer. -Shelby,11,NJ


What the. Fuck!! Lady gaga is so like gross!!! U know? I mean I love the jbs!
It's like she's out of her mind!!


wTF? שטויות במיץ!!


i want to sex


lady gaga is INSANE jb wont ever want to see ya on the bed
thats disgusting! yeah thats all i wanna say. :)


she's really insane
gah i dont like her so much!


HI ! Lady GaGa: I HATE YOU !


Wow. LOL, she looks like a trannie. Sorry, drag queen. God bless whoever gets in bed with her . Just saying.


who gives a fuck what Lady Gaga said... the brothers are all fuckin homos anyhow...fuck I hate the Jonas Brothers... bunch of fuckin homos


She was talking about a musical foursome!! She said "they are very talented and I would like to have a (musical) foursome with them"!!

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