Coming Soon: Kristen Stewart-Dakota Fanning Love Scene

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Rumors of a love scene with The Runaways stars Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning are heating up. According to numerous new reports online, the actresses will have an "intense love scene" in the film, set in a hotel room.

We're sure Kristen will be imagining Dakota is Robert Pattinson throughout.

Those on the set of the movie say Stewart has become so engrossed in character as '70s-'80s rocker Joan Jett that the two have become one and the same.

Here's Kristen, in character with her skin-tight rocker jeans, leather jacket and a black mullet, taking a spill on the set of The Runaways yesterday ...

Taking a Spill

Girls jealous of Kristen Stewart can at least enjoy this moment.

Despite taking a tumble, the 19-year-old actress was a trooper and finished off her day of filming before enjoying a celebratory cigarette at the end.

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Jett Black
Jett Setting
Joan Jett Look-alike
On the Run

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oh my goodness! what? yech! she went too far and she didn't listen to her horoscope in OK! Philippines last april which was "she shouldn't go too far in her career" and i think this was farther than that


Haha it's pretty funny how some people get so worked up over acting.
Its called a movie, if you can't deal with the kissing thing then I suggest you just stop watching movies period.
And when you haven't seen a movie I think you shouldn't be commenting on how terrible it is.
You're not physcic.


Ick. Love scene. What the hell, isn't Dakota like 14? Frick, get a break. How intense can that get without being illegal? A peck on the cheek perhaps? Still, nasty.


Max, most movies these days are a waste of time, money and effort. : ) But she does make a pretty good Joan Jett lookalike.

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