Kris Allen Offers Full Support to Adam Lambert and Drake LaBry

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Last week, readers of The Hollywood Gossip got to know Drake LaBry.

But Kris Allen, along with most of the American Idol finalists, already met Adam Lambert's boyfriend during season eight of the show. And the series champion couldn't be more excited that his friend is now open with this relationship.

"I think he's happier that he can be himself and it's nice," Allen said to People, when asked about Lambert stepping out with his LaBry last week. "Adam is who he is and he's not afraid. I support him in whatever he does."

Allen added that LaBry is "a really nice guy and that he and Lambert "click well and they're really nice together."

Meanwhile, Lambert has confirmed that the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone will reveal answers to everyone's questions about his sex life.

"At this point, I think everybody knows everything, but once the Rolling Stone article comes out, people will know everything," he said at last night's Young Hollywood Awards.


I heard he was a liberal now but he used to lead worship at church.Mabey he has moved away from those beliefs?Either way they are both great guys and Im sure he is just trying to be understanding of his friend and not scare him off or something.


To cindykevyn: Maybe he doesn't feel like he needs to beat everyone over the head with his religion since he DID win a singing contest ... not a religion contest!


i am disappointed that kris allen seems to be uncomfortable in being portrayed as a Christian in the public arena or in the media. when he was interviewed by mike huckabee & was asked about his involvement in his church, it really looked like he was uncomfortable with that question. then now, when asked about adam lambert's sexual preference & bf, he said that he supports him in whatever he does, which is so unbiblical. kris sounds like he wants to be a friend of the world, which is being an enemy of God, the bible says. kris, if you're reading this, it's either you're a friend of God or you're a friend of the world. being in the middle will not cut you out with God. lukewarm Christians will not make it to heaven. it's not enough that we show people that we love them. if we really love them, we will tell them the truth of Jesus Christ because it is that truth that will rescue them from the eternal fires of hell.


no matter which side adam is,just waiting for his songs!1!!!love him!!!


Very nice that Kris is supportive of Adam and that the two remain friends, though vastly different in many ways. Music is a commonality that transcends time, biology, and culture.

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