Kobe and Vanessa Bryant to Maria Jiminez: Shut Yer Yap!

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With last night's overtime victory over the Orlando Magic, Kobe Bryant's Los Angeles Lakers are just two wins away from an NBA championship.

Meanwhile, the NBA star's attorneys are gunning for a victory of their own - one that would prevent his former maid from blabbing to the media.

Kobe, Vanessa

Kobe and his wife, Vanessa Bryant, are in a dog fight with Maria Jimenez - who filed papers Friday citing California's anti-SLAPP statute and essentially asking a court for permission to trash the Bryants, publicly, to anybody who will listen.

That's normally a rite of passage when it comes to suing celebrities, except for the fact that she signed a confidentiality agreement when she was hired.

Vanessa Bryant: So in love with Kobe. So allegedly crazy.

Maria Jimenez is suing the Bryants, claiming Kobe's wife Vanessa defamed, harassed, and even physically abused her during her tenure as their housekeeper.

The accusation that stinks most (har har) for the Bryants is that Vanessa made Maria dig deep into dog $h!t to retrieve the price tag for a blouse at one point.

Kobe's attorney says Jimenez is dreaming if she thinks the confidentiality agreement isn't binding. Doug Mirell says that pact is solid as a rock, so stay tuned.


You go girl grab that money there is plenty of tree trunks for the taking. Happy new year........... Oh one more thing fuck Kim kardashian the only thing she has not done is sleep with donkey but give her money and watch.


This is why it is a refreshing sight to see b-ballers with black wives...at least when they split their money goes into the hands of their own and not the hispanic/white/asian families.


when you think about its vanessa who really isnt liked someone once said that their children never have anyone at their birthday partys and im sure laker ballers have plenty of children that could come to the parties vanessa is the one who's not liked thats why she's so controlling and bitter the same way she is with kobe




I don't understand why Vanessa has to treat people like crap. Just because people have money doen't give them a right to violate other people's rights. Vanessa is just a plain mean B----One of these days, karma is going to bite her on her fat a$$


Yes Vanessa does always have that crazy look in her eye.
Kobe will definitly have a problem getting rid of this one.

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