Kim Kardashian to Heidi Montag: Get Naked!

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Before Heidi Montag decided to bare her boobs for Playboy, she sought advice from someone that has made a living out of showing off her body.

That's right, Heidi kalled Kim Kardashian.

Shockingly, the socialite that rose to fame via a sex tape gave Montag the following advice:

Go for it!

During a recent meeting of the giant breasts mind, Kim Kardashian told Heidi Montag to pose for Playboy.

"I think that now's the time," Kim told MTV News, adding: "I think it's a very classy magazine. It's artsy. I talked her through the whole process and helped her make up her mind."

Kardashian, of kourse, donned her birthday suit - but kovered herself with a sheet - in November 2007. Expect Montag's pictorial to, sadly, reveal about the same level of nudity.




Omg what slut. I hate girls who think posing for playboy is cool. Its so not. They just do it for publicity not because its something they really wanted to do infact no one should ever want to pose for such a disguisting thing. o What happend to good christian girl Heidi who forced her husband SPENCER to meet her ex christian fling called colby. WOW Heidi has so much class and respect for her then she wants to roll around in hollywood u must be having a joke!!! And as for Kim Kardashian well shes just a hoe and her ass is that fat and ugly when she sat down on this guys dick all the pressure from her fat ass made him xpload

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