Kelly Clarkson: Quit Callin' Me Fat!

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Like Jessica Simpson, Kelly Clarkson is sick of criticism over her weight.

"For seven years it's been happening. It's like, 'OK cool, the fat jokes,'" she said in an interview with 2Day FM's Kyle and Jackie O Show in Australia.

Muscle Wasting

"I love my body. I'm very much OK with it. I don't think artists are ever the ones who have the problem with their weight, it is other people."

The original American Idol has also come under recent scrutiny over her sexuality. She says she doesn't care if people think she is a lesbian.

Her only complaint in that department: "The rumors are not helping me on the dating front! I prefer the boys. I'm extremely flattered when I do get hit on by girls, and I do think it's really hot, but I'm not into it. I like boys."

Fat or not, Kelly Clarkson said she's in no rush to find Mr. Right.

"I'm only 27, not 40 and still single! I enjoy being single, I love work and I think people are so passive with relationships and I'm not that person."

"I'm an extremist, I'm either in a relationship or I'm not. I'm honest about it and I'll tell people, it's just there's nothing to tell. I have a very good life."

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She IS fat! It's a shame because she's also very cute. Quit making excuses for her and enabling her, people! You're not doing her a favor by saying she is not fat or that it doesn't matter. Being overweight is not only a image issue, it's also a health issue.


Fat HO. You're the one for me fatty!


Are you people insane? She is NOT fat. We shouldn't even be calling anyone fat because the beauty of size is meant to be subjective and all healthy sizes should be accepted. I'm not going to use this as reason to come down on skinny girls or larger girls because the truth is that society can't make up their mind and we are really sending mixed messages. Don't be too thin but don't be too big: CUT THE CRAP! Let people look how they want to and embrace them for it. Good on Kelly for setting reasonable examples to girls and being how she wants to!


Ok. all of you just need to get over it. Kelly Clarkson is not fat. i dont know what anybody is talking about. The so called "Paris Hilton" skinnyness is not attractive. a girl needs some curves and kelly has it all. you dont need to be stick thin to be a celebrity or have a perfect face or body. Look at Kim Kardashian. She admitted she has cellulite on live TV. who the hell cares! every woman has atleast some of it! Everyone is judging Kim and Kelly for the wrong reasons. We are not made of metal. We are not robots. we are simply human and we cannot be perfect all the time. Like Kelly said, the "fat jokes" have been going on for 7 years. If your still talking about weight, then you need to find something better to do with your time and get a real job. I love Kelly Clarkson and if you were a true fan, you wouldn't be saying anything.


Kelly dont worry about what they say im 10 but love ur songs who doesnt!IF people say its ur clothes it doesent matter the same with everthing else. p.s.
remember dont care about what people say


Kelly Clarkson fat or not she still is my favorite singer! I like her song my life would suck with out u.Besides why does it matter if your fat or not.


Im not the biggest fan of KC but i honestly love the way she stands up to herself , shes NOT fat ...she's curvy. and guess what Curves are in. The fact that everyone thinks singers should be stick thin is so anoying...people look up to want your daughter to grow up with all her bones showing??


check this out then :)


Kelly...People dont know what they are talking about. You are beautiful and there is nothing wrong with you! I'm sure you will find the perfect man for you later in life. But right now, live your life! Dont listen to what other people say about you, most likely, they are jealous. God made you who you are for a reason. I have one kick butt in singing and to make singing better than ever! Another is to make people realize what REAL singing is. Im 11 years old and get those "jokes" from my brother....I have to learn to ignore them! You do to! I figured out, if you act like you dont care, they will stop. After a few years that I got those "jokes" from him, I figured out that I'm not fat. Im just a full body girl. I just ignored him and he stopped. Just like that! Keep rockin' Kelly! And remember.....YOUR NOT FAT!!!!!!!!! Your number one fan,
Brianna W.


She might be a little bit chunky but she is a real looker also most of us men like a bit of meat on the bone.Love you Kelly