Kate Gosselin: Single and Ready to ... Oooga!

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Having filed for divorce and ending her 10-year-marriage just days ago, Kate Gosselin has wasted no time showing husband Jon exactly what he's missing.

Okay, chances are, he's probably pretty psyched that he is missing everything single thing about her, but damn, where'd that bikini body come from, Kate?

Kate Gosselin and Children

Still wearing her wedding ring for some reason, Kate Gosselin sure wasn't hiding from paparazzi as she strutted her stuff outside her Pennsylvania home.

And thanks to both the bikini and the hat, her dead porcupine / reverse mullet weave hair may no longer be her most talked-about feature! Kate 1, Jon 0!

Eight kids and plastic surgeries later, Kate Gosselin walks around in a bikini to get her photo plastered on celebrity sites like this a nice base tan for the summer.

While some would view the crumbling of their household and the summer hiatus of Jon & Kate Plus 8 as a good reason to lay low for awhile, it's nice to see Kate Gosselin is as attention-hungry as ever. Way to set a positive example for the kids!

You don't see Deanna Hummel clamoring for publicity, do you? Oh, wait...


She would probably feel naked without her ring, so she puts on a too-small bikini top to strut around her yard, and then complains of all the media attention she gets. She has whored out herself and her family and deserves all the negative attention she gets. Bet none of you ever saw Jon parading around his property in his speedo. And what's with the cellulite? Money can take care of that too, but she's probably waiting for a freebie. Sorry, regardless if you are at your own home, if you know the stalker p-people are snapping away just outside your gate, then show some respect for yourself and your kids and put some clothes on. How embarrasing this will all be in years to come.


you guys should of stayed togather for the kids cause it will effectthem a great deal it did for me the 2 older girls will have a real hard time and the little ones may not remember it down the road later so please try to work it out for the kids its not far for them not to have both parents togather i didnt have my mom i had my dad only and never saw my mom ever


I think Kate should get her self a sitcom,about her and 8 kids,since it would be a sitcom she could be marriec in it,use other kids leave hers out of it.


So, what, she's not allowed to walk around in her own yard now?? She is at HOME...it's not her fault paparazzi stake out her own house.


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