Kate Gosselin: Single and Ready to ... Oooga!

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Having filed for divorce and ending her 10-year-marriage just days ago, Kate Gosselin has wasted no time showing husband Jon exactly what he's missing.

Okay, chances are, he's probably pretty psyched that he is missing everything single thing about her, but damn, where'd that bikini body come from, Kate?

Kate Gosselin and Children

Still wearing her wedding ring for some reason, Kate Gosselin sure wasn't hiding from paparazzi as she strutted her stuff outside her Pennsylvania home.

And thanks to both the bikini and the hat, her dead porcupine / reverse mullet weave hair may no longer be her most talked-about feature! Kate 1, Jon 0!

Eight kids and plastic surgeries later, Kate Gosselin walks around in a bikini to get her photo plastered on celebrity sites like this a nice base tan for the summer.

While some would view the crumbling of their household and the summer hiatus of Jon & Kate Plus 8 as a good reason to lay low for awhile, it's nice to see Kate Gosselin is as attention-hungry as ever. Way to set a positive example for the kids!

You don't see Deanna Hummel clamoring for publicity, do you? Oh, wait...


kate is all about herself. why is she writing books, having her own line of clothing, making appearances, book-signing, etc etc? and why at her book signing is she giving out her photo, and not the children's? people are not interested in her. it's their kids that is what the show is all about...not her! her demeaning jon is such an embarrassment to herself, not jon. it shows what she truly is. and jon is always such a gentleman to just take it, never showing any anger at her. it's probably all bottled up, and now finally, he is smarting up and freeing himself from this toxin of a wife. kate should go back to whatever hole she came from. she is acting like such a big celebrity. what a laugh! the public is foolish enough to play along. what has she ever done to make her a celebrity???


Compare this photo to the one of the wedding vow renewal--Wow, Kate, your boobs certainly grew in that time!


Duh, Kate was probably greeting someone who came to the house or was leaving. There is a person in that vehicle that looks to be dressed in short sleeves or maybe even some sort of swimwear. If Kate has a pool, it's Summer, then why the heck shouldn't she wear her swimwear. Also, the top is NOT too small. Kate looks to be in pretty good shape. Who cares if she got breast implants. The cost would only be a small small portion of what she is earning by doing the show and writing her books. That is considered work even if some people don't want to admit it or are jealous.


Enough About Kate and Jon Gosselin i'm bored about these people. There is always news about themm. I am sure that i am not the only one who feels this way. I know that there are plenty of people just like me out there who are really getting annoyed by jon & kate gosselin.


I am so turned off by Kate it isn't funny! I will not watch
the show again and pray it's audience will ultimately
boycot altogether. She is walking around in a bikini
just to get her photo spread all over the place...and
we thought she didn't like the papparatzi around. LOL!
The don't even have a pool. What classy woman with
pride and dignity walks around her front yard in a
bikini? We're talkin' white trash here! Oh, how funny it
would be if Jon's 23 year old gal pal show up on the show?
Just what Kate deserves. Right back at ya, Kate! You will
think twice to correct your guy's grammer in front of the
whole world and embarrass him!


I'd hit it!


Not to be too critical, but what's with five-year-olds still using bibs?!


Kate will eventually go supernova, when the few remaining blind, devoted fans she has (most being man-haters) start getting bored with her ego.
Was it me, or did her little speech on the last show contain about a dozen cliches? (fork in the road, turn the page...etc)
"Sobbed like I've never sobbed before" for the sympathy, yet she's iron-woman on camera...BS!


I think it is a crying shame that Kate has used her children as pawns in all this. She has used them to create her own image, her own millions, her own prestige status... Let alone all the freebies she has goten along the way! All of this just because she had two sets of multiples??? There are alot of big families out there that make due on their own and are doing just fine... But that was never enough for Kate. Kate wanted it all... And for that she sacrificed a great guy and father, her own kids and her dignity... What a shame! Funny thing is, we would always hear how much she does and how much she loves her family... Yet she would disrespect Jon all the time and as of late looks like her spending time with the kids is more of a chore an obligation then the dotting mommy she likes to play on telivision... What a shame, Good thing Jon got out from under her wrath!


An employee wh works in the shoe department at Macys at University Park Mall in Indiana is an exact double for Jon. I almost did a double take when I saw himn and when I mentioned this to him he said it happens quite often that he gets taken for Jon. His name tag says simply "Ting". Thought Jon would like to know this in case he he doesn't want to be found- perhaps he should go see for himself! As for Kate, he is very lucky to be getting out of a back situation- I really hated to see the proram when she constantly put him down and he took it lik a gentleman!