Kate Gosselin Rolls with Life, Trashes Husband a Lot

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At this point, whoever lands in the interview chair, does the interview it looks like. Don't ask any questions. It's called rolling with life.
- Kate Gosselin, opening this week's episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Oh, is that what it's called, Kate? We thought it was called "being an attention-seeking nag of a possibly disloyal wife and mostly unfocused mother that cares more about the spotlight and free tummy tucks than she does about her children."

Our bad.

Don't be fooled by the cover photo. The "Multiple Blessings" referred to in Kate Gosselin's book refer to the dollar bills that come been rolling in with each sale.

Viewers were subjected to the 100th episode of this reality TV dreck last night, as the installment featured famous chef Emeril Lagasse (for reasons unknown), along with numerous digs at husband Jon by Kate (for reasons known: she's a bitch).

Among our favorite Jon disses were:

  • When Lagasse asked her how her man was in the kitchen, Kate simply replied: "Not so much." (As opposed to Kate's genius on the stove, of course, which you can soon read all about!)
  • Kate later quipped: "Jon, do you know where the oven is? Let me point you to it."
  • Still not content, Kate drove the point home again, telling Emeril of her husband: "This is the most I've seen him in the kitchen in my life."

Watch the episode's opening interview after this article's jump. But be careful. Resist the urge to throw your computer out the window after doing so.


Very Sad! Where did the spiritual side go that was evident in the earlier shows? In Marriage there should be faith, spouse & children. The rest can follow however. Following what use to open the show: "In the beginning there were the two of us...". I can't watch it anymore. Those beautiful children are the ones who are and will suffer the most. They need two loving parents who not only love but respect one another. This is a test from above. What matters most...your faith, your spouse, your children or money? Please reconsider and stop for all your sakes. God Bless you and watch over you all.


I forgot to add that I do not see what was wrong with Kate getting a tummy tuck, or liking the limelight. None of that means she doesn't care about, care for, or love her children. you know, I think there are too many jealous people in this world, who would like to have some of what Kate and Jon did aquire. Now, I am going back to my own busy life, hoping never to have the press on my doorstep. They are like leeches.


I continue to find it interesting that Kate gets so much heat for having a "career" for lack of a better word. I don't think Jon gets enough flack for his cheating. The girlfried is getting notoriety that she would not normally get. She's a teacher for goodness sake. Teachers don't usually get this much coverage. She is getting rewarded in a way. If she did not want this, she would not have let Jon near her. So I have to believe she is not only enjoying the attention, but loves Kate seeing it too. Any woman or man that treads on a married person's home gets what they deserve. I didn't think 23 year olds were so stupid. No matter what ends up happening between Jon and this woman, she will always be known as Jon's mistress. This situation needs two people in the middle of it, and not a third wheel, but there may have been too much water under the bridge. It's really sad overall.


The kids are the ones who will suffer the most in this sham of a marriage/show/life. Keep the focus on the kids. They need privacy, dignity and a normal life.


At the risk of sounding like some nut-job conspiracy theorist, I really do believe that Kate approached Jon with some form of agreement/contract, where she basically told him the marriage was over and pretty much gave him her blessing to see other women. And knowing just how far Kate will go to get her way, I think she alerted the "P" people, (as she tells her kids to call them) that Jon was stepping out on her. Total setup! What better way to blackmail Jon into continuing with the show??
And as for poor Emeril??? I don't know how he held back from bitch-slapping her when she whacked him with the spatula! She's definitely "not right" in that fugly, frightened porcupine head of hers! Be careful what you wish for, Kate!

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