Jon & Kate Gosselin Mark 10 Years of Terrible Marriage

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Friday was Jon and Kate Gosselin's 10th wedding anniversary, but the estranged parents of eight weren't spotted doing any celebrating over the weekend.

In fact, they spent the weekend apart.

Keep Kate

Pretty sad what they've let their lives become, however, the fact that anyone can tolerate that woman for a decade without shooting himself in the head is impressive, so you've gotta give Jon at least a little credit for sticking it out this long.

Kate called cops on celebrity gossip photographers Saturday as she played with her kids and filmed her TLC reality show. On Sunday, she took one of her sextuplets, Leah, on a shopping excursion to Target, Starbucks and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Jon wasn't spotted at the family's home in Wernersville, Pa. No word on whether he and Deanna Hummel were making private videos in Utah somewhere.

Sadly, Kate Gosselin was not taken into custody and placed under gag order.

Monday, Jon finally surfaced, spending time with his eldest twin daughters, Cara and Mady Gosselin, who called Kate mean after being denied water last week.

Conveniently for Jon, Kate was on her own schedule, getting her reverse mullet cut, so she wasn't around to make the usual condescending, grating remarks.

Take whatever silence you can get around the house, J.

On tonight’s all new episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8, which hopefully will receive low ratings, the embattled fam meets the dudes from Orange County Choppers.


I totally agree - Kate always seems to be with the kids and she hardly gets a break....I have two kids and can't imagine how she doesn't go insane....she is strong and deserves someone who will really appreciate all that she does. If Jon leaves it would probably be for the best....he is immature and irresponsible. How can you brig eight kids into this world and


You guys nailed it! Jon is the weak, crying baby in the bunch. I'm sure Kate is tired of his whinging and his general uselessness. Jon needs to get with the program or go out in to the world and get a real job or pray that his new little teacher friend doesn't get fired from her job for moral turpitude. Talk about a bunch of kindergarteners! I applaud Kate, she IS a strong woman and she will raise those kids just fine without the ninth baby sucking on her hind tit.


I am so tired of hearing that Kate is the reason why Jon is unhappy, because she is so controlling. He knew that she was like that before he got marry to her. That don't give him the right to go out and have an affair (if he did had one). I applaud Kate for sicking in there for so long


I am tired of hearing about poor jon-he is a jerk-he acts like the victim all the time - he is tired of being on tv - well then he should not have started it. what did he think he would never be noticed - (get real)!!! so what if kate is controlling anyone who has been a mom knows how hard it is and I can't imagine with 8 kids!! I think everyone thinks she should be happy go lucky all the time!!! Plus jon quit wineing when you are with the kids its tiring - That is one thing kate does not do and thats wine about being with the kids......jon buck up and take some control and quite being a marder!!!


i am confused on why everyone always makes jon out to be the good guy when he is the one always gone, and he is the one who supposedly had the affair. just because kate is a little controlling does not give him the right to act the way he has been. it gets old hearing everyone stick up for him and say he has the right to do these things. he is married with a wife and kids at home, so why doesn't he help out a little bit.

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