Jon & Kate Gosselin Mark 10 Years of Terrible Marriage

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Friday was Jon and Kate Gosselin's 10th wedding anniversary, but the estranged parents of eight weren't spotted doing any celebrating over the weekend.

In fact, they spent the weekend apart.

Keep Kate

Pretty sad what they've let their lives become, however, the fact that anyone can tolerate that woman for a decade without shooting himself in the head is impressive, so you've gotta give Jon at least a little credit for sticking it out this long.

Kate called cops on celebrity gossip photographers Saturday as she played with her kids and filmed her TLC reality show. On Sunday, she took one of her sextuplets, Leah, on a shopping excursion to Target, Starbucks and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Jon wasn't spotted at the family's home in Wernersville, Pa. No word on whether he and Deanna Hummel were making private videos in Utah somewhere.

Sadly, Kate Gosselin was not taken into custody and placed under gag order.

Monday, Jon finally surfaced, spending time with his eldest twin daughters, Cara and Mady Gosselin, who called Kate mean after being denied water last week.

Conveniently for Jon, Kate was on her own schedule, getting her reverse mullet cut, so she wasn't around to make the usual condescending, grating remarks.

Take whatever silence you can get around the house, J.

On tonight’s all new episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8, which hopefully will receive low ratings, the embattled fam meets the dudes from Orange County Choppers.


i think that that was a good thing for her to make them drink water because it can make them healthy and if jon just lets them drink soda all the time, well then they get sick more often than usuall.


people need to leave jon and kate alone i feel bad their just regular people like us so all u papprazii's need to leave them and other celbrates alone seriously their just regular people like us so LEAVE CELEBRATES ALONE


Kate GOD doesn't like ugly this is what you get when you get greedy does everyone remember she won't let her parents she their grandchildren. Come on people give me a break she is a greedy, you no what just cause her dads church was poor and couldn'T afford to dish out thr cash kate wanted she disowned them. I am a grandmother and thats not a good enough reason for not being allowed to she your granchildren. She castrated that poor man ever week in front of viewers. What man out there would tke that crap off a wommen. All she is out for ois the money when its gone what is she going to do wake up people all she cares about is the allmighty dollar. Their are other couple out ther with six children and do just find and don't need a t.v. show to help them out.


Hi Kate this is Rach Oprian Why he did to you I watch your tv show .Rach


dear jon&kate please take it from someone that knows. i'm 50 yrs old and raised 2 kids by my self, and no matter how hard i tryed they are both insecure. my daughter is married and i have a great 2yr old grandson but it happend the wrong way. please go to a marriage counseler, kate dont be so demandding.belive me theres nothing iether of you can get from another man or another women they will not love or care about them like you too can. please, please reconsider you dicision. from miami


Jon is an immature self centered jerk. If he really wanted to do what was best for the kids, and not himself, he would man up, act like the head of the house, show the kids they too, can make it through hard times. Make this marriage work, show the kids what a mommy & daddy do, how they solve problems and get stronger. But No, he is wimping out.


Did any1 ever watch da show nd c how horrible nd loud kate is!! Shes in it 4 da money people,nothin else!


I am also tired of people making Kate out to be the bad guy. If she were a man, people would think very differently and think her behaviour is ok. So, Poor Jon, who is gone trying to find himself at 32 with a 23 yr girl. Kate is the one trying to talk with him. He just cant seem to put 5 words together in a complete sentence to even communicate. I find Jon totally annoying and the problem here.


I happy to see people sticking up for Kate....If you remember Jon was not working when Kate met him...then he worked for a short time and then lost his job when the kids were born.....he finally got another job but now he has not worked in a long time.....he is a bum.....he looks bloated and fat....and look at those diamonds in his ears.....he should grow up and act like a man....I'm sad for Kate and the children.......


I have watched da show nd kate is in it 4 da money nd loves all da fame nd freebies! I wud hate 2 hav her as a mom. The poor kids are bein exploited nd shud jus b allowed 2 hav a normal childhood without cameras followin dare every move! She also tinks hitin poor leah is ok? She is horrible nd even mady said shes mean wen kate denied her water as day were doin an interview 4 tv? Jon shud get full custody of da kids or else kevin nd jodi if dare up 2 it!

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