Jon Gosselin Celebrates Father's Day, Tends to Injured Son

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Man, Kate Gosselin really did a number on this poor guy.

We mean Jon Gosselin, mentally, that is. Not poor little Aaden, who had to go to the pediatrics hospital on Saturday in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Chances are, the five-year-old's injuries were not the result of another Kate Gosselin spanking. But who can say for certain with that woman?

A rep for TLC, when reached for comment, said, "When you have eight kids, someone is bound to get hurt. It's nothing tragic. Everything is fine."

Here's Jon and Aaden leaving the hospital ...

With their special divorce announcement on tap for tomorrow's episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8, Kate apparently left town for some alone time this weekend.

Unfortunately, she is probably expected back at some point in the near future.

She took off by herself so that the eight kids could spend Father’s Day with Jon Gosselin. How sweet, their last Father's Day with married parents! Yay!

No word if Hailey Glassman and/or Deanna Hummel are coming over.

Follow the jump for a two minute preview of tomorrow's episode ...


I think if Jon wanted it to work out it would .Kate seems pretty sad to me. Kate stay strong you are not the first and you won't be the last in a situation like this .Jon is pretty bored and want to try something new,


I feel for Kate. It seems like she has been the Adult all through this marriage. I have six kids and it takes two parents to keep organization and a house running. Jon created these children also. It's time he grows up and acts like a man and live up to his commitment to Kate and the kids. Play time is over, Jon!


I think it is about time that they get a divorce. I do not agree with divorce, but you have to think about the children and if there is always fighting and screaming going on in the house it is not a good environment for those children to grow up in. I also think Kate needs to have a reality check!! She is constantly nagging, yelling or hitting Jon. I think she treats him like a child. You do not see him yelling or ordering her around. I think maybe a break from the reality show would also be good for all of them, especially the kids. They will be going through enough without having it all being taped!! The best thing for them now is to put the kids first and not themselves...........they are small children and they will need both of their parents even more now.


After watching the show on TLC ,I felt real dissappointed the way things turned out .After 8kids Jon is realising that he is 32years old .I think if Jon wanted it to work out it would .Kate seems pretty sad to me. Kate stay strong you are not the first and you won't be the last in a situation like this .Jon is pretty bored and want to try something new . Kate


And everyone is saying Kate was so hard on him, and mean to him...she wasnt MEAN enough. She needs to show him now what mean realllly is.. He needs a dose of " Im awake now"..because he looks so stoned in all the recent pics and interviews.
She should sue for Full custody, refuse to let him do interviews with the kids, make him pay big bucks in child support for those 8 kids...get a real JOB Jon...lets see if you could even afford to take your girl pal to Mcdonalds for a happymeal..hhaha


The guys a creep, Kate does NOT need to ever cry over him again, she needs to celebrate that shes rid of him so easily!..In the long run she will see shes the lucky one, she still have all those beautiful kids, and he has nothing. He's lost everything that should have meant something to him. Men that cheat and leave their wives always figure that out way to late. But the kids do suffer, and if I was Kate i would make sure his time spent with them is very limited. The less the influence he has on the them the better. God bless you Kate, and it will get better, Hold your head up, Love those kids, and forget about the loser. You have what really matters the most.


First of all why is a decisive strict women considered a bad mother when and undecisive 32 having a midlife crisis is the root of most of this. He is not a good man. IT is important to try to care for yourself and put yourself first but not at the price of your children. HE fathered these children and he needs to put his needs on the back burner for oh 13 to 17 more years. Grow up Jon!


First of all, the doctor that started saying, "SPANKING IS BAD" had a son that committed suicide! That's what happens when a child is pampered. They don't know how to deal with life and can't deal with normal life problems. Pampering a child is cruel to me. They learn NOTHING from this!!! And kids get hurt!!! It happens! It doesn't mean he was beat!!! He's 5 and a boy!!!! LET IT GO!!!!!


Even CNN is calling for a "divorce" announcement tonight on TLC. Also, I have a hard time believing Jon is looking for a bachelor pad in New York for himself. New York City is not Jon's scene, that's Kate's.


While Jon & Kate are making some "life changing decisions," what can you do to help them? Check out:

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