Jon and Kate Plus 9: Deanna Hummel to Star?

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Following the divorce announcement of Jon and Kate Gosselin on Monday's episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8, the New York Daily News reports that his reported girlfriend, Deanna Hummel, is expected to join the show when it returns August 3.

TLC announced Tuesday that it was pulling the plug on new episodes of the series for now. But the show will resume with Deanna Hummel on board.

"Deanna's role isn't expected to be big, but because she's part of Jon's life, she'll be filmed," says an insider reportedly close to the embattled star.

Hummel's affair with Jon Gosselin was exposed in early May, when his marriage to Kate and her terrible hair began to unravel very publicly.

Here's a photo of the new woman in Jon's life ...

Deanna Hummel Pic

The source added that the show will focus on how Jon and Kate are raising their brood separately. The duo plans to flip-flop the days they reside in their $1.1 million Pennsylvania home so the children will not have to shuttle between parents.

A spokeswoman for TLC confirmed the show's hiatus and said, in lieu of the new episodes, a retrospective of the couple's 10 years of marriage will air.

"During this time, the family will take some time off to regroup," said the rep. Of Deanna Hummel joining the show, the spokeswoman would say only:

"We have no specific plans for future episodes."

No word on whether future episodes will involve Jon telling his kids about Deanna's alleged sex tape or the eBay sale of the bed on which it took place.


This is utterly ridiculous. Pull the plug! Jon thinks he is so hot on his motorcycle and in his little 2 seater car. He is such a clown, so gross with his big belly. And this Deanna chic, she obviously has self esteem problems going after a married man w/ 8 kids. So pathetic, and she is no gem either. Kate does get on my nerves too and seems to forget where she came from. I am so sick of this. See what happens when u get everything for free & make money off your kids. SAD and DISGUSTING!!!


OMG I hope that home wrecker doesn't come out on the show. I know I wouldn't want that home wrecker parading in my home while I'm not there. I sure wouldn't allow that!!! I wanna see how long that will last. U can see how Jon has changed so much. Now he has his blue tooth stuck to his ear 24/7 I guess his new peach wants to keep tabs on him. She better think twice about what he did to Kate, he messed around with her on his wife of 10 years, he will do it to her too. He is such a loser.


This is a new LOW for TLC. How insulting for Kate and the children to have the mistress included as part of the family. Bah! I won't be watching any more. I hope Mistress Hummel doesn't quit her day job in hopes of big $$$ coming her way from this venture.


TLC, dump Jon and the Bimbo- Keep Kate and the kids! This is such a typical mid-life crisis that my cat could diagnose it. Did you see his duel diamond earrings and his 2 seater BMW. Sorry you're tired of your kids Jon, but they are yours forever! Life is hard, marriage is hard, I know you say you didn't know who you were, but baby, your only 32 and if you think you have a clue as to who you are now, you are kidding yourself. This woman, is an insult to the sisterhood of all women, she wants cash and fame, face it, Jon, your not all that and a bag of chips!


i am not going to watch it with her on there. Jon is 32 year olds.. and dating a barely adult. wtf? she is more of an older sister than a mother/wife figure. gross


First of all, like many of you, I feel most sorry for the kids. However, Jon needs to show respect towards his family and by having his "alleged mistress" on the show (even in a small part) is completely inappropriate and disrespectful. As for Kate, she is bossy (someone has to take control when you have eight kids!), but looking back I realized Jon should have said something earlier to her about how she treated him because, in my opinion, he brought this upon himself and I sincerely hope his kids do not have to suffer for it.


What ? and how does kate feel bought this. I am sure the lowlife Ms Hummel will want paid. TLC PLEASE END THIS SHOW you people are really stooping low now.


If she is on the show, any sympathy i had for him will be gone

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