Jon & Kate Minus Each Other, Plus Hiatus Until August

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After Jon and Kate Gosselin announced on Monday night's show that they are officially separating, TLC is shelving Jon & Kate Plus 8 until August 3.

Should it even come back at all?

Kate is Irate

The series, which follows the lives of the Gosselins and their brood, has become garnering TLC its best ratings ever in the past couple of months.

But TLC said next Monday's episode would be a clip show containing new footage, but that the next all-new episode would not air for six weeks.

Sources say the desire to take a production break came from TLC, not the Gosselins. Only six of Jon & Kate Plus 8's 40-episode order have aired.

However, because of the turmoil in the Gosselin's marriage, TLC does not have footage to make new episodes as its schedule became last minute.

This season's episodes were often completed the day of airing. This was true of last night's, which featured Jon and Kate's divorce announcement.

Jon and Kate Gosselin married 10 years ago and separated yesterday.

The premiere episode drew almost 10 million viewers following reports that Jon was cheating on Kate with Deanna Hummel and she was responding in kind with their bodyguard Steve Neild. Jon was later linked to Hailey Glassman as well.

Additional rumors and gossip fueled the fire in recent weeks, including a shocking photo of Kate spanking Leah and a video of her denying Mady water.

Accounts of Jon looking for his own place and the couple spending less and less time together signified what the couple officially confirmed last night.

It's over. But the show, apparently, will go on.

What do you think of the show's scheduled break, rather than the show being cancelled? Should Jon & Kate Plus 8 come back at all?

Follow the jump for a look at Jon and Kate's divorce papers ...


That Hawaii remarriage was BS! Just another way for them to get free trips & 4-star treatment!! Sure, the house is for the kids, just like the motorcycle is for the kids, Jon's Porsche is for the kids, Kate's designer clothes are for the kids and on and on!!!!! The show will go on because Kate has to have MONEY and will continue to exploit those kids. I'm glad Jon said in the interview that Kate "ran the show" obviously he got sick of it and her treatment of him. I hope Jon gets a "real" job and I don't think that they will "take turns" staying at the house. It's gonna end because Jon will get sick of going there when he has his own place somewhere else. Plus he'll most likely have a girlfriend. P.S. Take those stupid bibs off of those kids already!!!!!!!! Are you going to make them wear bibs when they're 10 years old?

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