Jon and Kate Gosselin to Shun Celebrity Gossip Tabloids

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After whining about tabloid coverage of their lives to tabloids, Kate and Jon Gosselin, whose unraveling marriage has dominated headlines lately, have released a joint statement to tabloids saying they no longer wish to speak to tabloids.

The phrase too little, too late comes to mind.

Kate Gosselin, Kentucky Derby Style

In their first joint statement since announcing their divorce to the surprise of no one last week, Jon and Kate Gosselin say they are done with celebrity news:

“During this very difficult time we will be working to focus solely on the needs of our family. This includes no longer commenting publicly or reacting to media stories and speculation. Our goal is to do the very best for our children."

The statement continues: "That will be done as privately as possible. We appreciate the understanding, support and well wishes from so many. Thank you.”

Wow guys, doing something with the kids in mind? A novel concept! One would think this thought process would occur before whoring them out on a reality show, then banging the random teacher and/or bodyguard, but good for you!

Tonight’s episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 will be a retrospective attempt to gloss over the ugliness of multiple affairs and keep viewers focused on the cute kids look at the Gosselins, who were married for 10 years until last Monday.

Some "new footage" is promised as well. What do you think that could be? Here's hoping for the long-awaited network debut of Deanna Hummel's sex tape.


I agree with Melody. Jon you are a disgrace...leaving your wife with eight kids because she "takes control". Come on if she didn't take control who would???? Eight kids I say if she took control she had to because you are a punk, bitch of a dad who has to run from his responsibilities. You go Kate show him how it is done!!


Jon I think you should go back to your wife and kids. I love Jon and Kate plus eight it's a wreck without you! Hailey I would just run if I were you! Poor Kate plus eight. I;m Kara and Maddy's biggest fan!! Love and hellos Carlie


Please, Kate not in the lime light? Honestly I wouldn't put it past Kate and Jon to be planning all this and then all of the sudden they say "Surprise! We are not getting a divorce, we are staying together!" Oh, the American public would eat that up and TLC's ratings would soar!!! It would be done for the money only. I wouldn't put it past them. Kate and Jon have had a taste of endless money and freebies and they wouldn't want to let it go. Kids are in the back seat to be pulled out when needed to make more money.


wow the marriage!I am tired of all the Kate bashing. Jon Gosselin's behaivor set off the media storm they've all endured.but how about a marriage begin with the horse . If you are interested in it,then go to *************


Oh Pleeeese!!! This is NOT John's fault. If Kate would have been less verbally and emotionally abusive, and less controlling...maybe John would have wanted to reconcile his marriage and make it work. But, who in their right mind would want to stay in a loveless marriage to a woman who is totally in love with MONEY and MONEY ONLY. God help the kids. Do you honestly believe that staying in a marriage where there's strife, hate and anger is healthy just for the sake of their children. This marriage was doomed along time ago. At least the kids won't have to witness any more dysfunction between two parents who no longer love each other. This is all owed to Kate. Nonetheless, I am so happy John is finally free of his controlling, self conceited, it's all about me... wife.


I agree. Jon comes off as a jerk and has totally wrecked havoc in the lives of his family and Deanna Hummel. All of which wouldn't have happened if he was an 'at home dad' while Kate was away. Quite frankly, I am tired of all the Kate bashing. Jon Gosselin's behaivor set off the media storm they've all endured.


Jon is not only ruining his kids' lives in not staying to make it work. He is ruining this Deanna's life. Now she is a whore that cheated with a married man and has a sex tape at the age of 23. No one will want her to teach their children. Quite an accomplishment for a 23 year old. Thanks Jon, for making her famous for this. I bet you hope your girls grow up to be just like her. Can't wait till Cara or Maddy bring home a married man with a house full of children when they are 23, right???!


Multiple blessings alright. TLC is treading water big time. The Gosselins have TLC right where they want them. Spoil one be sued by the other for defamation and emotional distress on the kids. Its a three custer, who wins, stay tuned. TLC to Gosselin- no more comments to the tabloids.


you really shouldn't state facts that have not been proven. i don't recall it being proven that kate had an affair. not saying she did or didn't, cause i wasn't there ..... neither were you as a matter of fact. point is you shouldn't state things as fact that aren't. it's so tacky. you have rights to your opinions of people but you don't have rights to state facts that might not be true. seriously.

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