Jon and Kate Announcement Spoiler: Definitely a Divorce

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The promo for Monday night's special episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 promises that the embattled Jon and Kate Gosselin will make a major announcement.

A source close to the situation tells Radar Online that the Jon and Kate announcement is what we all assumed it to be: They are getting a divorce.

The source says that Kate Gosselin recently met with a divorce lawyer. Another source says that the couple had previously agreed to separate by July 15.

That timetable has now been pushed forward.

Radar also claims exclusive knowledge that for all intents and purposes, the marriage is already over and Jon Gosselin will file divorce papers next week.

Meanwhile, People reports that Jon was apartment hunting in New York City this morning, further fueling rumors that a Gosselin split is imminent.

The stars of Jon & Kate Plus 8 have unwittingly used reality TV to broadcast the reality of an unraveling, terrible marriage. And they’ve done it to record ratings this season as media frenzy around the battling couple grew with each new development:

  • Jon was accused of having an affair with Deanna Hummel.
  • Kate was accused of having an affair with Steve Neild.
  • Kate's porcupine / reverse mullet weave has been scrutinized.
  • Her brother discussed the relationship publicly in a tell-all with Us Weekly, which featured the Gosselins on a staggering seven straight covers.
  • Kate previously took the sextuplets on vacation to North Carolina without Jon. He was spotted hanging out with Deanna Hummel in Utah. 
  • Some dude apparently pummeled Deanna Hummel on a sex tape that appeared online. While unrelated to the Gosselins, this was amusing.
  • Jon has also been spotted with Hailey Glassman, the daughter of Kate’s plastic surgeon, and reports say this relationship may be still on.
  • Jon and Kate spent their 10th wedding anniversary apart.

How will the once-beloved couple handle their impending split? Will the show go on? Should they try to work it out for the sake of the adorable kids?

Follow the jump for a two-minute sneak preview of the June 22 episode ...


i think jon is a piece of shit for cheating on her- and also lying about it on national tv. Be a MAN not a child and tell the truth. Kate needs to lighten up a bit- but it does not mean that jon had the right to disrepect their marriage. ( hence jon is a piece of shit) what goes around comes around and jon and his little white trash girlfriend will get what is comming to them- hopefully they wont have to move into her brothers house since that is where she lives ( i mean come on be an adult get your own place and stop living with your looser brother) looser brother - is just trying to make a dime from ebay by selling the nasty bed jon and his twit slept in :( sad !!!!


Well, Kate says she doesn't want to "do this alone" and with all the cleavage she was displaying, she probably won't be doing it alone for long.


Did the 5 year old sextuplets have lobster during lunch thus the bibs at a restaurant?


Jon- isn't like a man to RUN when the going gets tough, you should have acted like a MAN in the 10 years you were married and you would not be in this situation!! 8 kids, someone needs to take control and run the family!! As for Kate spanking the kids, get a grip people, she is trying to hold a family of 8 children together while "Daddy" figures out who he is...cause you know he is only "32" years old. Give me a break...after watching this last episode of Jon and Kate I feel NO sympathy for that SPINELESS,SELFISH idiot that he is!! Kate you deserve so much more!! I hate that things have come to this, I wish marriage counseling would have been an option, but you know there is always 3 sides to a story...his, hers and the truth!!


Obviously you do care otherwise you wouldn't have ended up at this website and made a comment....


Who gives a f _ _ _ or a s _ _ _?? Not me. I'm so sick of these people. Can't you gossip people just forget about them and stop giving them the free publicity? It's nausiating...


Cancel the whole show...nothing but a scam. NO show is worth $75,000 per episode. Would feed alot of hungry families and help alot of sick people!!! Jon and Kate seriously need to think about that!!!!! Disappointed in the whole show. Should have quit 3 1/2 years ago!


Shameful! Of everything, I really hate that she keeps trying to convince everyone that her kids come first. If that were true, she would have given up the fame and stopped the show when Jon begged to. THAT would have been putting the kids first.
They made plenty of money to survive, but she wanted to be in the limelight and have a life that is not conducive to 8 children and a husband. Choices Kate Choices!


I think the people who are being hurt are the children. With them being that small, it is hard to understand why mommy and daddy are not together anymore. I think that there could have been something they could have done to prevent this, despite the fact that Kate kept Jon's balls in her purse at all times. But they will be the ones suffering in the end and it will be a situation that will forever be etched in their minds. Pray for them all.


My wife and I have been to therapy for all the above problems. The biggest truth is Kate does nothing to Jon he doesn't allow. He needs to become a man with balls and fix his issues or he will repeat the same mistakes with another mad cow. And Kate, she will self select another someone she can control and wonder why he learns to hate her guts. Get help.

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