Joe Jonas Slams Taylor Swift in New Song

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Simply put, Joe Jonas thinks Camilla Belle is better than Taylor Swift.

The musician began dating the brunette actress soon after a contentious break up with the beautiful singer; very, very soon after, according to Swift, who has blamed her and Jonas' demise on his relationship with Belle.

Now, Joe and his siblings are firing back at the popular young country star.

In their new single, "Much Better," The Jonas Brothers take a shot at Swift. Consider the following lyrics: And all the tears on her guitar, I'm not bitter. But now I see, Everything I'd ever need, Is the girl in front of me, She's much better.

Ouch! Any pop music fans knows that the group is referencing Taylor's hit song, "Teardrops On My Guitar."

We apologize Tweeniverse, but you must choose a side in this feud. Who will it be?


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i also agree with jasmine too
okay seriously guys im sorry and i seriously am shutting up now lmao peace!


I ALSO AGREE WITH VARNEA! SHES SO RIGHT we dont like you guys fighting!
lmfao okay ima stop posting stuff now xD


oh oh oh!!! And poision Ivy is about Camillia so its all good doesnt reli matter =D lmao haha sorry had to get that in xD


ahh so what!
Artists tell people things through songs all the time basically they could just be telling her to let it go, she did do some random childish thing with some dolls on youtube =\ tis just a song...and you never know (Even though its a tad obvious lmao) it could be about anyone...joe didnt write this by himself all three of the brothers did and i bet before any of us knew this you guys liked the song right?
I dont like camilla belle i hate her she is a snoby cow but still breakups happen =| i do feel sorry for taylor that they wrote it so clear and obvious but maybe they've tried all they can in different ways like talking we never know and maybe she wouldnt let things go so they wrote a song...come on guys dont break the peace JO BROS ALL THE WAY WOO and taylor! for those of you who love her as much as jb anyway peace out people!!


you wanna know something?? im crazy bout both of them but right now i think both of them are STUPID. they should forget everything and be friends again.. fans dont like you guys fighting. remember that.


Talk about IMMATURITY. Both of them should move on you know. They don't have to bash each other because of their lame break-up. Anyways, I chose Taylor's Team. Joe isn't a gentleman after all.


oh watever i think its all taylors fault anyway!Shes the one who hung up on joe anyway so i choose joes team!


this sucks.. what a mongrel..


check this out then :)


I dont think I've laughed harder in my life then I just did now. Its just another immature highschool break up between children with too much money. And yes why did you read this if you dont care is what tons of people are fixing to shout out at me, but I popped on hear because I'm so out of the loop on all this stupid stuff that I didn't get a joke that was on a youtube video about this "drama" so I decided to look it up. I got a laugh out of it. Thanks Taylor and Joe!

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