Joe Jonas Slams Taylor Swift in New Song

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Simply put, Joe Jonas thinks Camilla Belle is better than Taylor Swift.

The musician began dating the brunette actress soon after a contentious break up with the beautiful singer; very, very soon after, according to Swift, who has blamed her and Jonas' demise on his relationship with Belle.

Now, Joe and his siblings are firing back at the popular young country star.

In their new single, "Much Better," The Jonas Brothers take a shot at Swift. Consider the following lyrics: And all the tears on her guitar, I'm not bitter. But now I see, Everything I'd ever need, Is the girl in front of me, She's much better.

Ouch! Any pop music fans knows that the group is referencing Taylor's hit song, "Teardrops On My Guitar."

We apologize Tweeniverse, but you must choose a side in this feud. Who will it be?


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Yeah, and that girl that was so much better than Taylor dumped you ass didn't she? Maybe Joe's animosity towards Taylor stems more from the fact that she has a real recording career and he is a laughing stock Disney wannabe marketed to tonedeaf preteens. Taylor Lautner is hotter anyways, and more talented.


i hate taylor swift.
qo team jonas!


Wtf!!!! joe jonas had every right to trash tht bitch after the youtube vid she posted about him so all u on team taylor ppl are stupid. & its actually none of our business who hes with ppl need to respect there f*@#*ing privacy! but team jonas all the way!!! hes a sexy beast!


she kinda started it...i mean yeah its all getting a little to much but she should understand that the song writing they do is a way of letting out emotion and if she is going to write a song about him and the break up then he has every right to do the same thing, is his a little more petty yes but its the same thing she did outing the personal business between the two of them to the public.


Good. I don't like Taylor.


That song really sucked. No offense to anyone.


That is so unfair to do to Taylor because she wrote that song and Joe Jonas shoulden't steel lyrics from someone else I mean it's okay if he asked her but I dought he did I feel bad for Taylor that sucks on her part.


seriously, shutup. taylor has done worse AND she wrote a song about joe, and all joe did was write a song about taylor, not really bad. its about expressing your feelings, and i know that that is not illegal. so calm down and stop worrying about their relationships and get a life.


GO JOE!!!! Haha Taylor got BUrned!!!
You All Say That's Horrible, At least he didn't write a whole song explaining how much and what he hates about her like Taylor freaking Swift did.


Go Taylor.. You can sell multiple records than JoBro

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