Jeff Goldblum Dead? Not So Much!

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News of Michael Jackson's death took the world by storm yesterday afternoon. Amid the chaos, rumors began surfacing that Jeff Goldblum also passed away.

The actor is alive and well.

Various sites cited an erroneous report coming out of New Zealand that the actor, 56, plunged to his demise during a fall on the set of his newest movie.

Turns out that was a hoax.

"Reports that Jeff Goldblum has passed away are completely untrue. He is fine and in Los Angeles," the actor's publicist Lisa Kasteler said.

Investigating what appears to be a cruel joke, New Zealand police are saying that there appears to be false information circulating - an understatement considering that they haven't even heard anything about Goldblum shooting a film in the country.

So, Goldblum, who's now starring on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, is fine. Glad we cleared that up. You should check him out on that show, he's good!

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It's not STEVEN COBERT, it's STEPHEN COLBERT, you nitwit!


What really got me about this story was Steven Cobert and Jeff Goldblum watching the "news coverage" on the Cobert Report.
And then Goldblum's self-eulegy on the show.


Bloody hell, didn't the same rumour happen with Tom Cruise last year? And why is it always New Zealand? Our cliffs aren't evil!