Jeff DeLancy Denies Dustin Lance Black Sex Tape Leak

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The other man allegedly in the sex photos of Academy Award-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black has been identified as a porn star, according to sources.

Black's hookup buddy is Jeff DeLancy, who also goes by the name "Cameron."

He is from from Orange County, California, has been a student at Arizona State University. And while he hooks up with men, he also claims to be straight.

For several years DeLancy has run an adult site called from his dorm room. Since the sex photos broke, DeLancy's site has been offline.

Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black is at the center of a sex scandal.

DeLancy is remaining quiet about the situation, but a source "insists that he was not the one" who sold the Dustin Black video to Starzlife, which in turn released the sex photos Friday and apparently is trying to sell the full sex tape.

Then who did?

Some say Jeff DeLancy is "traumatized" by the whole scandal and has fled the country for a week. But unfortunately for Dustin Lance Black, this may not be the last the public hears about the sex tape and/or photos tied to him.

There are rumors that more information from the night of the Dustin Lance Black / Jeff DeLancy romp may be released soon, to say nothing of the unknown status of the sex tape itself and its possible release or more stills being leaked.

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If you are friends with him on facebook it's pretty apparent by photos that he has an outrageous life... doesn't look like he's a liar. Also, if you search public records he was born in Newport Beach CA and has several addresses around OC. Just sayin


I have been with Jeff and he is a freakin' liar. BIG TIME! I'm stunned that he's not in jail for his B.S. What a faud! I have his email.....if anyone wants it, lol. HE's a total liar, and a tool!


Jeff is an escort which means DLB paid him for sex... and your accusing Jeff of taking advantage of DLB?


It is so sad to see what Jeff has done to someone as great and empowering as DLB. Jeff is a male escort in Phoenix, Arizona and sadly took advantage of yet one more amazing person.


This kid does say some pretty outlandish lies, or at least things I thought were lies. He was always bragging about all the connections he has, and famous people he's gotten with. I can assure you Black was NOT his boyfriend, but just one of the over 300 people he has slept with. Kind of ironic for an advocate for safe sex... In addition, Jeff probably got paid for this, since that's what he does.


Jeff Delancy is NOT FROM ORANGE COUNTY, this is yet another lie he tells people in addition to him being "straight"...he was born and raised in Gilbert, Az and his family still lives in Arizona!

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