Jarret Stoll Dumps Rachel Hunter, Calls Off Wedding

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Rachel Hunter just got dumped. By a random hockey player.

The 39-year-old ex-wife of Rod Stewart was putting the finishing touches on her August 14 wedding when her fiancé, 27-year-old Jarrett Stoll, called it off.

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The supermodel's rep confirmed to the British newspaper that the nuptials were canceled, and that Jarret failed to give her a reason behind the cancellation.

The couple bought a £2.2-million house in Hermosa Beach, California, last year and were hoping to create a child together soon after they tied the knot.

A friend of the model said: '"he is absolutely devastated. Everything was in place for their wedding - she had the venue, the designer dress, the guest list."

"[Rachel Hunter] has absolutely no idea why Jarret has done this. It sounds like it could be a classic case of cold feet. He is a fair bit younger than her.'"

The L.A. Kings center popped the question in August after two years of dating. But apparently he had enough of lining up on top of that particular crease.

Jarett Stoll is the second hockey player Hunter has dated. Her former beau, Sean Avery, famously wound up suspended for publicly mocking his exes.

Specifically, he referred to Elisha Cuthbert as his sloppy seconds before a game against the team her new beau, Dion Phaneuf, plays for. A class act.


well tis not nice to be in the situation that she is in im a kiwi and love rachel as she put nz on the map in relation to the modelling world and other spins off from that what ever the reason i guess we shall see take care rachel and good luck to them both


sean avery was making fun of rachel too


really, is it any wonder why he would break it off? He has his whole life ahead of him: why would he give up his freedom and his happiness to be with some overweight, overbearing, once-divorced bitch who is the better part of a generation older than him? Really, how self-absorbed and narcissistic is this woman? The guy wants to have a family of his own with someone whose eggs aren't cracking with age and with someone whose children aren't old enough to, literally, be his younger siblings. grow a brain, lady.

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