Spotted: Jamie Lynn Spears Drinking Underage!

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With all she's been through lately - giving birth to daughter Maddie Briann and nursing baby daddy Casey Aldridge back to health after his serious car crash - it's nice to see Jamie Lynn Spears enjoying herself just like any other unwed teen mother:

Getting her drink on!

A Jamie Lynn Pic!

The younger sister of Britney Spears partied the weekend before last - along with her recovering quasi-fiance - at a club called The Buzz in Hammond, La.

As you can see, Jamie Lynn was having a blast, offering a classic single-finger salute when a fellow club-goer saw that she and Casey were in da house:

Despite welcoming their first child almost a year ago now (June 19), life isn't all about changing diapers for wild and crazy lovers Jamie Lynn, 18, and Casey, 20.

Is it a big deal that Jamie Lynn and Casey were drinking? No. Do we care? No. But it's still funny, and likely how Maddie Briann was made. Just saying.

The Buzz is an 18 & over club and, when asked, the VIP manager somehow said he didn't even know Jamie Lynn Spears was ever there that night.

Good cover story, VIP manager. Plausible deniability.

Click to enlarge more pics of Casey and Jamie Lynn grinding and having a grand ol' time at the bar. And hey, maybe that's just Diet Coke in her cup ...

[Photo Credits: TMZ]


I can barely read these posts.


jamie lynn is 18, shes a very caring and loving mom and so wat if she goes 2 clubs and drinks! she was just having a fun night and there is nuthing wrong with that ! i dont think shes a slut at all ! =)


Its no reson for yaah to keep gettin on other people buisness. Why yah don't mind yah own buiness, she's enjoying her life, can yah give her a break at least.i would done the same thing too.Let her enjoy her life, its just a little drink no big deal, give her a break. Enjoy your life JAMIE. don't care what other hater think


y do they keeep botherin her lyk some ppl wanna noe wats up but shes keeping on the down low so y u guys keep bothering her


Haha, that's nice for fans.


e r are u stupid last time i checked here in america you cant drink until you 21!! just because your 17 and have a kid doesnt make you an adult!


big woop, jamie lynn is a human just like us. i dnt kno her and neither do they so i dnt kno why they would keep bothering her. leave her alone she ain't botherin nobody.


hola tremenda fiesta estabien muybien borachos todos salieron vien para la prosima meinvitan ciao


When there be another season of zoey 101.since that show had ended Ive had secret crush on a girl.What should I do ? bye jamie lyn spears will you put zoey 101 back on air ? let me know cliffy greene out!


God for her, she wouldn't be the first under 18 to get into a club haha. To e r, its not like they are critisizing her, didn't you read it?

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