Introducing: Liam Hemsworth!

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Step off, Justin Gaston. You and your rock-hard abs may soon be taking a backseat to a new man in Miley Cyrus' life.

Let's meet Liam Hemsworth, the Australian actor that will appear alongside Cyrus in The Last Song, a movie specifically written for her by author Nicholas Sparks.

When asked about her scarcely-known costar, Miley told E! News:

"I got a hot boy. I can't say that too many times, but he is attractive. Not bad to look at for the summer."

Miley Cyrus gets to kiss Liam Hemsworth on screen, and Justin Gaston off screen. She lives a tough life.

Hemsworth and Cyrus will soon head to Savannah to shoot film, in which Cyrus portrays a rebellious teen sent to live with her estranged dad and Liam takes on the role of her love interest.

Just how steamy does it get between their characters? Will any tonsil hockey be played?

"Maybe," Miley told Marc Malkin. "I don't know."


what up?:)


neta q tiene una buena suerte la mayli eres muy bonito hacen una linda parejita


neta q tiene una buena
suerte la mayli
eres muy bonito
hacen una linda parejita


The picture on the left with the blue shirt is not Liam Hemsworth. That's Charlie Hunnam from Sons Of Anarchy.


The Last song was a terrific movie. Lisa and I really enjoyed it. The story so moving great job.


Liam Hiemsworth Is So SEXY !


Muiito sexy em =)


Liindo muiito muiito !! ^.^


Lets first just say after watching Satisfaction i don't think i have ever been so drawn in to a guys looks, voice, and body launguage as i have with Liam hemsworth, yes he is an actor but oh my, just amazing. Miley cyrus is one lucky girl, although i have to say i think he should come back to Australia (more importantly melbourne). My current train of thought is now thinking..yep ok acting here i come...


LOL yeah that's Charlie Hunnam...I'd say Miley would be quite lucky to snag a hottie like him...

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