I'm a Celebrity: The Spencer Pratt Music Video

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Spencer Pratt's full rap music video for "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me out of Here" - his debut single, as well as a marketing hook for the new reality show by the same name that he's starring on - has been released, and it is nothing short of amazing.

Fans of the self-proclaimed future of hip-hop should definitely watch the video below, so long as you don't mind a strong chance of moderate eye and ear bleeding.

For those who can't stomach any more of the gruesome twosome than you are already exposed to via The Hills and sites like this one, here are the Cliffs Notes:

  • He appears to be singing to a lizard for most of it.
  • The video editing may or may not have done by a middle school student.
  • Heidi Montag bobbing around, making odd faces and swinging her arms in the background is at least an 8.5 on the unintentional comedy meter.
  • He gives multiple shout-outs to Twitter, beginning a verse with "First Tweet of the day, I get my swag on," but ending said verse with "... I'm Spencer Pratt and I'll be Twittin' ya back" - complete with hand motions.

You've been warned. Check out the epic awfulness below ...


If ever I wanted to B****Slap someone it would be Spencer and his brainless wife Heidi. We all can only hope that they never procreate. The show that they should be on is "I'm a no talent,ignorant,worthless human being...please shoot me!"


Spencer Pratt is absolutely ridiculous. I've never seen/heard of somebody with such a large ego. He's famous for absolutely NOTHING! Well, maybe having a big mouth and anger issues. So what if he's on a stupid reality show?? The Hills show is crap and he has no musical talent whatsoever...he's not even cute!! Spencer and Heidi are famous for throwing fake weddings...Wow...impressive.
Spencer seems like an extremely messed up individual--and Heidi seems too dumb to realize it.


you just got to be kidding!!! got no words for this kind of stupidity, i think half of my brain just died just for watching 2 seconds of that...


OMG, I just saw the beginning of "I'm a celebrity" Spencer imm. gets on the phone with the President of NBC, I'm serious and that man took his call. He said he was too rich and too famous to be there with "these people" and he and what's her name walked off the show 3 times to only come back because someone else would get their camera time. Please let us all stop watching this ridiculous human being which Heidi called a Christian. I can't stand for him to make one more dollar off of us subscribing to these dirt bags!!!! ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


I never knew who Spencer & Heidi Pratt were - but believe me - both of them are spoiled brats. I think Heidi should have her husband checked for mental illness - he is off his rocker. Just who do they think they are? One minute you can be successful and the next a loser. I don't think he scored many fans for himself or his wife tonight. He literally made me sick to look at him.


Are you serious!?!?! WTF is this crap? You're joking right...right?


What a jag off


I am officially dumber from seeing that!

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