Howard Stern to Letterman: Jay Leno Sucks

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Jay Leno has left The Tonight Show for a new prime time series, but that was not about to stop Howard Stern from making his feelings about him known.

In summation, the shock jock ripped Leno during his appearance on last night's Late Show and vowed to help David Letterman take down Conan O'Brien.

"We gotta beat this Conan. For God sakes, how are you feeling that Jay left late-night television and now we got a new guy we gotta compete with?" the admittedly disgruntled, bitter old man Stern asked an amused Letterman.

"And I wanna say something to this audience about loyalty ... Dave put me on national television many, many years ago before I was known. And I have stuck with Dave ... I didn't like Jay. I never liked Jay. I can't stand Jay."

No arguments here - or from the studio audience that greeted the 55-year-old radio host's scathing, somewhat odd comments with big applause!

And Stern, who later talked about other important topics, such as his wedding to Beth Ostrosky, wasn't finished with Leno there by any means.

"Let me say something. I never seen anybody who behaves like a robot like this guy," he continued. "I watched his final show. He says goodbye to The Tonight Show. He says goodbye reading it off a teleprompter for cryin' out loud."

"Where's the emotion, and where's the humanity?"

Stern recounted his one and only appearance on The Tonight Show, when he "showed up with two lesbians," which naturally turned off Leno:

"He's shocked. He walks off his own show. I knew it wouldn't last."


Hahaha, I clicked on this link after typing "why Jay Leno sucks" into the Google search engine and suddenly seem to have come across some right-wing whackjob comment board. I haven't really watched Letterman in years and never really paid that much attention to Stern, but I'd agree with the previous poster that they're both "of the subculture genre." That's precisely why they're better than Leno. While Jay doses out humor that's the equivalent of milk-soaked white bread washed down with a glass of Ovaltine/Metamucil, Letterman and Stern still have the ability to rile people up, no matter how much edge either of them has lost over the years. For a comedian, if you're not at least making a half-hearted attempt to provoke people into some higher-level thinking, you're really just telling knock-knock jokes to a bunch of mouth breathers. Kinda like Leno.


You are still the biggest fake show talk host!!!!!!!!!!! Your jokes are as funny as my grandfathers' death!!!!!!!!!! Hang up you wanna be , you should not let Conan the barbaric boy, take after you, then show up later with another talk show before conan. what happened? you got your white tighties in a bunch?


Let's examine these three men: Letterman, Stern and Leno. They're all terribly ugly old men who never mastered the art of adulthood. Old men in old men's bodies acting like spoiled, pretentious 15 year olds; they're offensive (particularly Stern and Letterman); they're all arrogant and self centered, and about as entertaining as a dustmite. Most of the people who support these late night cretinous motormouths are individuals of the subculture genre. I can't think of any respectable individuals who admires garbage like Howard Stern. Well, it takes all kinds. Just look at the condition of television nowadays; there's nothing worth watching unless you enjoy a supercharged does of stupidity that the networks are happily churning out. I'll be happy when Leno's television exposure expires (hopefully very soon) and jerkoff Letterman and Stern decide to throw in the towel. That's not to say that some younger cretinous moron will be their successor. Yeeeech.....


Here we are, months later, and Jay Leno has premiered his new show. His new show is the same as his previous barely-funny show. You see, he does suck; he can't even do anything different besides the same lame-ass shit that has been on multiple late night shows since the 70's. So, turns out, Stern was right.


Stern's show is still hilarious.


Well, Dave has an edge that Jon Stewart has copied and he's been on tv like forever and till rocks it. While Leno is a mainstream comedian, everyone loves mainstream that's why it's mainstream. Dave is intellektual and ironic, that's original.


I love David, he is the king okay.. A joke is a joke dammit.


Letterman is becoming a has been. Both he and Stern have lost the edge over the years. They are both a couple of liberals now marching the party line. Letterman has to resort to making fun of Palin's 14 year old daughter's then expect us to believe he was talking about the 18 year old who wasn't there. He shouldn't be making fun of kids anyway. Oh wait, it's ok if it's a Conservative. I've watched my last Letterman show and I'm making sure CBS and the advertisers know it.


Howard Stern is Has-Been Loser. Who cares what he thinks? Even Lame-oid Letterman has more viewers than Stern has listeners.


Letterman sucks He should make fun of his own bastard children

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