Heidi Montag is Trash

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If you thought a Kim Kardashian album was a stupid idea, well, it is. But just the same, the concept of Kim's R&B debut is sounding better by the minute.

After all, can she be worse than Heidi Montag?

The Hills star' new song, "Trash Me," is appropriately titled, since this is undeniably what celebrity gossip sites and music critics will do after hearing it.

It sounds a little like Britney Spears' "If U Seek Amy." Except not good.

We can only hope that Spencer Pratt films a similar, S&M-themed video on his hand-held camera to accompany it. Now that would be worth watching.

Listen to Heidi's terrible new song below ...


great song heidi


Those that are without sin, cast the first stone. I think she
sounds pretty good.


I dont get this girl. On her twitter shes always writting pslams from the bible or verses. shes trying to portray this sweet innocent christian girl which shes NOT. maybe in her mind but not in her brain beause she DOESNT HAVVE ONE, how could be be a strong christian when all she wants to do now is take her clothes of. Christians dont belive in taking clothes of aka stripping, having sex before u marry or even CONSIDER POSING FOR PLAYBOY OR EVEN GET PLASTIC SURGERY. HAHAH SHE SAID SHE LOVES GOD BUT Y WLD SHE GO AGAINST GODS WILL AND CHANGE HER BODY AND LOOKS WHEN GOD HAS MADE HER THAT WAY FOR A REASON... SOME1 TELL ME I WISH I COULD ASK HER THIS MYSELF WHAT A JOKE...... THEN SHE CALLS STACIE THE BARTENDER A SLAG. THEY BOTH ARE.


Good god..... this girl.. I have no words for her.


WOW. That was as bad as her breakout solo on Im a Celebrity... The song def seems to be trying to mimic if you seek amy but one problem--- Hedi is TERRIBLE and shouldnt even be compared to britney!


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