Heidi Pratt's Hospitalization: What Really Happened

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Earlier, we gave you the 4-1-1 on Spencer and Heidi Pratt's latest - and maybe, presumably final - departure from I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.

Despite the rumors to the contrary (ones started by moronic Stephanie Pratt no less), Speidi was not tortured, and Heidi's visit to a Costa Rican hospital was caused by a gastric ulcer, one possibly related to self-inflicted fasting.

As you can see in the video clip below, Heidi was definitely in rough shape, but not from “being locked in a dark room for 3 days with no food or water.”

Honestly, Stephanie, just STFU already.

We imagine that somewhere, Lauren Conrad is getting a pretty big kick out of watching Heidi in this state. We know millions across America certainly are.

Check out NBC's footage of Speidi's trip to the hospital - but turn your head away to avoid hurling all over your keyboard when Spencer starts the baby talk:


I watched the Hills for about 6 months, I soon realized they're just a bunch of rich little brats! I mean look at the other celebs, they have wayyy more money than them and they werent having such a terrible time! Heidi is a sorry excuse for a wife, and her husband is an ass-bag!! I will never watch anything with them in it again ... it really pisses me off that these little twits never had to work in there lives and here they are scremaing out how rich they are! Its so dumb! They can take Sarah Palin right to hell with em for all I care ... Rich cant buy class


LOL...I love Heidi & Spencer. They're from the TV show "The Hills," for those who don't know. They're still young and are having fun together as Newlyweds. Unfortunately, people clash in this world. The Rich vs. The Poor! At least the couple is spiritual and on the right path to eternity. *Cheers!* To Heidi & Spencer surviving all this critic & drama.


OMG, I dont believe that Spencer had the cheek to say they were as famous as Brad and Angelina when they left. And he thought they just 'pretended' to be in the jungle?? Problem is, he is so infantile he cant read the small print...... He needs to grow up and get a bit of reality in his life. As for Heidi, well - what do you expect from a Barbie doll with over exposure?
Lisa . UK


haha it's God's will.


I had no idea who these twits were until watching 'I'm a celebrity'.. Anyhow, I believe she got 'sick' because she was far too famous to poop in the woods, got backed up, and filled with rotting feces.. However, like I said, I had no idea wo these idiots were, so correct me if I'm wrong and that's her normal state..


who the hell are these two losers. they think they are so special and wonderful but they are nothing compared to the likes of Stephen Baldwin and Lou Diamond Phillips


Heidi and Spence couldn't hang tough. They are used to the pampering life style. They used the excuse about Heidi being sick so they won't look like the are whimps when they clearly are. Go back to your 15 minutes of fame TV show. Instead of reality it needs to be listed and extreme comedy because they are such a joke / so fake. All the networks use them as there headliner on there jokes. Are they that stupid they can't see how they look !!


where i come from a prat means an idiot i will say no more

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