Hailey Glassman: Rumored New Jon Gosselin Play Thing

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Throughout this week, photos of a bikini-clad Kate Gosselin and her eight children in Bald Head Island, North Carolina have been circulating.

As fans sort through the pics, many have been wondering: what is Jon Gosselin doing this whole time?

Jonny Boy

Turns out, the proper question shouldn't be WHAT, but, rather, WHO!

Indeed, according to The National Enquirer, Jon has been spending time with yet another woman that's not his wife. Just 24 hours after photos of him and Deanna Hummel in Utah were released, the supermarket tabloid says it has Gosselin on tape with Hailey Glassman.

This vivid photo of Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman makes it clear that the pair is having a torrid affair.

Here's the best, most sordid part: Glassman, 23, is the daughter of the plastic surgeon that performed Kate's tummy-tuck procedure! So it's really all his wife's fault.

Sources told the newspaper that Jon and Hailey were captured on a security video after the pair tried to hide in the deserted dining room of the Bourbon Street bar in Nyack, NY. The incident took place around 3:30 p.m. on May 24.

"Jon and the young woman sat across from each other in a booth in the back of the restaurant," a witness said. "She was hanging on every word he said, and looked really happy to be with him."

Gosselin has publicly denied he's romantically involved with Hailey... but isn't that exactly what he'd say if he were involved with her? Think about it.

UPDATE: Check out Hailey Glassman's mug shot and drunken pics!


why does everyone blame the woman? Kate may be bossy but she has 8 kids to take care of and manage. The rest of us would be sreaming at the top of our lungs. Shame on those who always blame the women, especially other women!!


jon should be ashamed of himself, for better or for worse until death do you part. we all want a break sometimes but we can't just run away from our responsibilities so we can get a little something extra on the side, the girlfriend is just plain nasty. How do they live with themselves? Nasty nasty nasty people!!!!


jon da mannn... go jon go


I am so sick of hearing this crap about them and that is not jon he had a hair transplant and in this picture he is bald on top so it is not him i wish you people would leave jon and kate ALONE cause people are tired of hearing it GOSH !!!


if I remember correctly there was rumors of kate cheating before jon did. Kate is a overbearing bitch....Jon... Big ups to you, as long as you are happy, then do your thing.


PLEASE STOP CALLING THEM A SEXY COUPLE! SOOO NOT! He shoud have demanded respect from the begining and he would have received it. But he wanted her to run the show so he would have to do the bare minimum! I can not believe people are hating on the party that did NOT commit adultry. We are so messed up today, we blame the person who is NOT running around sleeping with used up loosers. I will pray for kate to find the strength to take care of the kids. She will need it. Hang in there girlfriend.




Right On KC!! Yes, it takes TWO to tango!! Kate is NOT the only one at blame here...


It ALWAYS comes BACK AROUND to bite you in the butt !!!! ( and its gonna hurt, Jon)


John should be ashamed of himself....i would never date a man with 8 KIDS anyway!!!!! Child support is going to kick his A--!!! LOL

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