Hailey Glassman: Rumored New Jon Gosselin Play Thing

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Throughout this week, photos of a bikini-clad Kate Gosselin and her eight children in Bald Head Island, North Carolina have been circulating.

As fans sort through the pics, many have been wondering: what is Jon Gosselin doing this whole time?

Jonny Boy

Turns out, the proper question shouldn't be WHAT, but, rather, WHO!

Indeed, according to The National Enquirer, Jon has been spending time with yet another woman that's not his wife. Just 24 hours after photos of him and Deanna Hummel in Utah were released, the supermarket tabloid says it has Gosselin on tape with Hailey Glassman.

This vivid photo of Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman makes it clear that the pair is having a torrid affair.

Here's the best, most sordid part: Glassman, 23, is the daughter of the plastic surgeon that performed Kate's tummy-tuck procedure! So it's really all his wife's fault.

Sources told the newspaper that Jon and Hailey were captured on a security video after the pair tried to hide in the deserted dining room of the Bourbon Street bar in Nyack, NY. The incident took place around 3:30 p.m. on May 24.

"Jon and the young woman sat across from each other in a booth in the back of the restaurant," a witness said. "She was hanging on every word he said, and looked really happy to be with him."

Gosselin has publicly denied he's romantically involved with Hailey... but isn't that exactly what he'd say if he were involved with her? Think about it.

UPDATE: Check out Hailey Glassman's mug shot and drunken pics!


I think that Kate is very mean. But we should not sit here and cut them down because we do not really know the whole story.I my self think that Kate is probably seeing someone and just did not get caught. I really feel sorry for the children. They better get them some help and soon


i hate this hailey glassman character.
home wrecker. thats all i have to say.


Who really cares about this drama of someone who is no one that is going nowhere? Same goes for his wife.


I can't believe these posts, is this all we have to worry about (myself included).


He has to remember what goes around comes around. Once she becomes famous he will be ALL ALONE!!!!!




One more thing.....Jon only wanted the twins and stop. Kate wanted just 1 more child and got 6 more. Knowing she couldnt have children and needed fertililty drugs!
A woman's body is not made to have that may children at one time.
We may get called a bitch from time-to-time, but we're not made like one!


You guys are forgetting that in the begining, Jon work to support his family. And she chose to quit her job and stay home with the children.
Now, who in their right mind would quit a job with8 kids to care for???
Then she gets all that money from the show and spends it like a drunkin' sailor on leave. Trips, birthday parties, toys, new cars and bigger houses. Not to mention her make-over!!!
She treated Jon as if he were a child, and didn't show him any affection.
If she would had thought of her children 1st, her husband 2nd, then the show her marriage wouldn't had failed.
Sorry, but opinion is....Kate pushed her husband away for the love of money and all what it can buy.
Feeling neglected, Jon seeked love else where. And remember! He's only 32 years old!!! He's still young! But he is a responsible man. Don't hate on him.
The show wasn't gonna last forever. Kids are only cute until they turn 5. Look at their daughter Mady!


If you are raising 8 children and one parents walks around like "duh" then the other parent has to constantly tell the other person to get busy and do something. I'm not saying that it is right, but you go into survival mode or the eight children will take over and you will both be defeated.


If there is one thing you do not need, kate, is another child to raise. The day will come when Jon will find out that he was a real jerk, to sherk his responsibility where his kids are concerned. Can this bimbo he's seeing now tolerate all these kids??? Put her to the test and let her take care of them for a week and then we will know whether she really wants to be there or if she is only be there for the money. I'm betting the money........

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