Get to Know Drake LaBry

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Drake LaBry is dating Adam Lambert. This much we know.

But what else has been discovered about this 24-year old, who's been thrust into the celebrity gossip spotlight?

"He's been Adam's best friend and totally there with him through this whole [American Idol] process," a source told People.

Drake LaBry Picture

Here are a few other facts highlighted by the magazine...

  • LaBry hails from, and still resides in, Louisiana;
  • He has a Cajun accent;
  • He's and interior designer and a painter;
  • Drake has a tattoo on his arm, along with two (of birds) on his chest.
  • Some time ago, LaBry went backpacking around Europe with friends; they documented the trip in a series of YouTube clips. And we found one of them!
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    Drake LaBry is from New Iberia, LA He's a very talented person since he was a child. Very nice young man with a kind heart.


    Gorgeous...both of them..... is Drake a painter/artist? I know he does the design 'em both!


    i've been friends with drake for since we were 15. hes from new iberia, LA and now lives in New Orleans. he's very nice and a total effin blast!


    sup dude im sure ull remember me from school anyway i thought i said hello and like wow ur totaly the shit for making it big in ur life. anyway im bout to head to school agian but anyway i wanted to say hey


    I never thought Adam was good looking, but this Drake guy looks pretty hot. Shame....


    I saw Drake all over another boy in Pensacola over the Memorial Day weekend!!! This guy was way cuter than nasty Adam Lambert


    He is from Lafayette, LA


    Too bad either of these guys are gay....... THEY ARE DROP DEAD GORGEOUS...... But as long as they are happy, that is what counts. THEY WOULD BOTH HAVE BEAUTIFUL BABIES if they should decide to go serogate...... WOW


    Anyone know where Drake is from in Louisiana?


    aw I think he's a cutie