Fear the Firecrotch: Lindsay Lohan Exposes Her Vagina

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What's old is new again for Lindsay Lohan.

The troubled actress was spotted with ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson at Bungalow 8 nightclub in London last night. The pair allegedly left within minutes of each other.

We can't confirm what took place back at Ronson's apartment; but we can, unfortunately, report that Lohan may have given onlookers a preview earlier in the night.

Upon exiting a car - oops! - Lohan exposed her crotch of fire to anyone with a camera. That's one disgusting way for this out-of-work actress to make headlines again...

Lindsay Lohan Crotch Shot

Lindsay Lohan nude, emulating Marilyn Monroe? Sort of hot. Lindsay Lohan flashing her shaven vagina for all to see? In need of censorship.


I accidentally ran into Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape.
Check it out here: Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape (full version)

Now tell me it's not real!


Lindsy Lohan is such an attention seeker who thrives for sex only!!! Shame on her for showing her private parts but shame on you the perverts who advertise her sexual parts,Personaly you should all go screw yourselves!!! Oh and her and Chris Brown could never go out it would only fuck up both their careers.




check this out then :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...


I have the original. not a fake. she has shorts on, but you can see right up to the goods.


It's true. Check on perezhilton.com. U can see the uncensored pic.




ms_firecunt aka Amanda, stfu and get off of ONTD already. Lindsay hates fatties, so why don't you do the treadmill and some coke instead of spending all your time her?


lmao nice try. wheres the uncensored version? FAKE


She was wearing shorts , I think the photo might have been photo shopped. Because sites have picture and she definately had shorts on.


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