Dustin Lance Black Sex Photos: Released

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Dustin Lance Black is an Oscar-winning movie producer. His most recent film, Milk, earned a Best Actor trophy for Sean Penn.

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    I like sex


    hi i love you everbody


    PH is a asshole I dislike him. He outs other gays, and exposes peoples private lives which is no ones business. If Dustin had unprotected sex, and with him being a activies and such he and his partner most likely got tested for STD's. So its no big deal, they clearly trust eachother. This is just sad that no one can have privacy ever...


    hello girls i am back




    Perez is a filthy, rotten disgrace to the gay community.

    He's trying to earn back his stripes by removing the photos of Dustin Lance Black. Too little too late, fat boy.

    Nothing short of a public apology to DLB will remove you from dis-grace.


    Perez Hilton is the biggest piece of shit this town has ever plopped out of its collective arse!


    Perez is no better than those bitchy gossip queens on the playground, explaining away the rumor by saying, "I didn't start it"--they're more than happy to fan the flames and get the glory. I realize Hilton makes his living shoveling this crud, but a little integrity would be nice. DLB is a positive force in the GLBT community and getting his pic taken while with someone who was obviously his partner at the time (not a trick)is not as unusual as people might like to think. Dustin's an angel and Perez is the devil.


    PEREZ is the type of person that is the reason that most of society looks down on gays. Those flaming LOUD MOUTH...B's are not what the gay community is about. There are those of us that live normal lives and have things without wishing bad things on other ppl...PEREZ is a dump...u decide what kind!!!


    Perez Hilton is a fucking lowlife anyway, and is all to happy to stab other gays in the back. He contributes nothing, has no talent, but leeches off other people's talent and efforts. Sure he didn't leak the pics, but he was all to happy to put them on his nasty little blog.

    And as for Dustin, so what? Why shouldn't he do what he wants with his boyfriend? If they were doing it without a condom, its probably a sign that they were long-term lovers, and trusted eachother. Poor Dustin, he seems like a great guy, and his ex boyfriend sounds like another scheming lowlife.

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