Denise Jonas: Praying for Sons' Virginity

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If Lady GaGa wants to have a foursome with the Jonas Brothers, their mom won't stand in the way.

In an interview with Good Housekeeping, Denise Jonas makes it clear that these studs will eventually have sex.

"They are men. They have desires. They have testosterone," she says. "If they make a mistake, I'm not going to hate them."

As for getting Nick, Kevin or Joe into bed, pay attention, ladies: Denise admits that any of them are susceptible to the right combination of charm, alcohol and breasts.

"I don’t think they are above or below being seduced," Mrs. Jonas says. "I would be foolish if I thought that. They are tested and tested, like every one of us. I pray for them."

Millions of women around the world might not pray for the Jonas Brothers... but they do close their eyes and make certain hands movements while thinking about each one.


mas ai eu vou dar para a minha prima que ainda e fa deles!!!!


olha eu era fa dos jonas ,mas eu nao sentia isso ai eu parei ne mas ainda tenho os posteis e tanbem aindo apresio o nik


haah Am On Her Side :D


continue praying for your a big fan i think that they are extremely cute and i would like for them to visit my country,Jamaica. pleaseeeeee


Ya true... That would be the most responsible thing to say to her out of the world impossibly famous sons!!!!


im not gonna lie yeah i would love to make the jonas send those rings out the window but they do need pray lady gaga you need pray and lots of it


She sounds like a great mother. No wonder they seem to be so grounded.


honestly i think its horrible wat lady gaga said but i respect wat Mrs Jonas has said its true about the boys having "desires" but with all the dirty minded people in this world its only prayer and will power who will help these talented boys ;D they are really cute boys and are always going to be targets so its up to prayer i agree 100% i know ive been a hypercritical before i used to say the jonas brothers are soo sexy and stuff like that but im not gonna lie i agree with Mrs Jonas !


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