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Larosa said it BEST! If that (fill in the blank) wants to be spiteful and try to take back children she gave away like they were concert tickets (multi-million dollar concert tix in her case), then everything their "father" left them should be voided.


Well all i have to say is that i have a brother that is dark and he have a baby by his wife that is half white and half latino and his baby don't look like he have a spic of black in him and his hair was like his mother's. It is all about who genes are stronger and then again their appearance might change(a big possibility) and he is also mixed with indian and god knows what else. Also to prove another point my mom is brown-skin and my dad is dark and they thought it was something wrong with my skin because i was so light and there is not many people on either side of my family that is light skinned.


M Jacksons genetics are black... All three of his kids are 100 white... kinda speaks for itself...


People who believe that these 3 kids were Michael's are kool aid drinkers and will simply take in whatever they are told, rather than think for themselves.
1}I have read people saying "the kids look just like MJ, so they must be his" Bull - MJ is black regardless of his bleached skin, therefore his kids should have a shade of blackness. Not these kids, they are completely white and the boy has blond hair. (half black half white kids should have the same skin tone as Obama or Halle Berry)
2)It now makes sense why Debbie Rowe easily gave up the children, it is because they are not her kids. No mother in her right mind would give up custody of her kids in exchange for money. The only logical explanation is that she was just a surrogate mother and the kids are not her flesh and blood.
People just because you adored and worshipped MJ doenst mean you have to take every lie he fed his fans, use your brain that's what it's for.

@ Paul

I have to agree with you except that maybe Ms. DR and Dr. K are the ones who had MJ thinking that he was the biological father. I think MJ was lied to, and he really did think he was the father. He probably began to figure it out later but...well, it was done.

@ Brenda

P.S. I love MJ for he was a beautiful man in and out. I just feel that so many people took advantage of his loneliness.

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This is such outrageous tabloid BS I am sitting here laughing.

Those kids look exactly like Debbie!(though not like Michael, but we know he was their father nonetheless)

She will NOT try to get custody of any children because they didn't know her to begin with. She can be looked at as a surrogate, that cared deeply for Mike and bared his children FOR him.

If any of your children would be left parent-less, surely their uncles, aunts or grandparents would be left as guardians, and not strangers. use your HEADS people or should I say, "you heartless animals".

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