Deanna Hummel's Bed of Infidelity: For Sale!

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According to reports, Kate Gosselin's brother is shopping his story for $30,000.

Meanwhile, according to Deanna Hummel's sibling, something a lot (man) juicier is on the market.

Kate Chows Down

Jason Hummel has already made a name for himself by confirming an affair between his sister and Jon Gosselin. But that's not enough. He wants to make even more, disgusting money off the relationship.

Seen here, Deanna Hummel gives Jon Gosselin a ride. Those that wish to own the bed on which he returned the favor may soon be able to do so!

After her brother went public with her business, Deanna moved out of the home she shared with him. As a result, her furniture has been left behind and Jason has plans for one piece of it:

"I want to put the bed on eBay," he told The New York Post. "I want to see how much some crazy fan will pay."

Let's find out! How much would you pay for the bed in which Deanna reportedly did Jon?

Meanwhile, Kathie Lee Gifford has now chimed in on Jon & Kate Plus 8.

The NBC host - who has experience with cameras, after her husband was photographed having an affair many years ago - thinks Jon and Kate need to reconsider their series.

"I would turn off the cameras if I were them and just work on healing together as a family," Gifford said. "Who knows the long-term damage something like this could do? I understand they are making a living, but you have to wonder at what price."

You know something is amiss when Kathie Lee Gifford is the voice of reason.

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Get real, Kathy Lee Gifford. Your husband is a big cheat, more than you know. How many times do you think he cheated that you didn't catch him ! ! ! So we don't need your two cents.


Shot both of them. Not even worth it. O yeah take down Kate at the same tme.. First time she hit me in the head would be her last. She woul have two black eye's. The second time I would beat the shit out of the fucking bitch.


the real scandal in this picture is that jon is pregnant... hopefully its only one