David Letterman Makes Dirty, Clueless Comments About Jessica Biel's Love Life

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Back in April, David Letterman made no secret of the fact that he kind of wanted to see the Lauren Conrad sex tape. Assuming it existed, of course.

Well, last night, Jessica Biel made an appearance on the Late Show that sparked similar comments from Dave, who insinuated that photos of her kissing Justin Timberlake at a recent Lakers game were a preview of what happened later.

He also suggested that the couple's phone calls early in their relationship were of the phone sex variety. Dude is definitely become a dirty old man.

A funny one, though. Especially when he revealed his cluelessness regarding Jessica and Justin's relationship, asking "So, you're dating the guy? We know this, we don't know this? We can talk about it, we can't talk about it?"

"Yes, we're dating," she replied, adding that's it's been "a few years."

"A few years! Really?" asked Letterman. "Am I the only one who doesn't know this?"

"I think so," answered an amused Biel.

We're just glad he didn't ask about the Jessica Biel nude scene in Powder Blue. That could have gotten a little awkward. Watch the interview below ...


Letterman is brilliant and just making a joke.... get over it.... the problem isnt letterman, the problem is that people are way to sensitive today.... everyone gets offended and is thin skinned in todays world... i hope dave's around for a long time...... later


Pompous recluse talks big and nasty when the lights are on, and when off, is choppered to his CT Mansion, far removed from anyone resembling a human being...same thing at the MT ranch---hiding out, never appearing anywhere, not even for charity events. How about we make jokes about his Mom in Indiana, or little Harry? Or that "thing" called Lasko he finally married. Set up a whole Site dedicated to off color Letterman jokes. He was kind of funny and relevant once---now he's just old, dirty, bitter, and cruel--and still a Recluse. He's been a recluse long before the kidnapping attempt and stalking. Long before that---freaking Tears of A Clown is all he is. If he took some shots at Obama and Biden and their kids I guess it would be balanced out...but it isnt...his show is no longer humor..he's got Lenny Bruce disease now--thinking we all want to be enlightened with his wisdom instead of humor...just how Lenny became.


Letterman is a legend. I love his interviews, and he was just being him self: funny and edgy.

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