Danielle Staub Sex Tape Release: Blocked!

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Score one for Danielle Staub.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star has temporarily stopped her ex-boyfriend Steve Zalewski from releasing a sex tape he supposedly has of them.

Wednesday, a judge ordered an injunction banning the release of sexually explicit footage featuring the troubled Staub, 46, and the shady Zalewski, 27.

Her attorney, Darren Del Sardo, said in a statement:

"We went to court in order to prohibit distribution of any tape or photograph and to temporarily restrain him from doing that, and we were successful."

The Danielle Staub sex tape was completely "unauthorized" and was "taken with his cellphone," according to the embattled prostitution whore.

Real Housewives of N.J.

HIT HOUSEWIVES: Bravo's latest band of rich nut jobs has hit the big time as Danielle and the wives make the cover of Jon and Kate Gosselin Weekly ... er, Us Weekly.

The sworn enemy of Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo, Staub has confronted one huge scandal after another since The Real Housewives of New Jersey debuted.

Staub - who was present at court Wednesday - has filed a lawsuit against Steve Zalewski, claiming that he is trying to get back at her after she dumped him.

Danielle Staub, whose coke whore past was revealed in great detail earlier, is accusing him invasion of privacy, defamation and infliction of emotional distress.

The most hated woman in the Garden State was allegedly involved in a kidnapping plot that grew out of a botched cocaine deal, and worked as an escort.


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Danielle Staub is such an unfit mother. Child services should step in for the mental abuse she inflicts on her children. This women needs serious counseling.


Seriously, one just have to watch one episode of this show to know that Danielle is not exactly shy. In the first episode, she talks about how amazing the phone sex about a guy she's never met in person. And in another she was telling the guy that they should have sex in a restaurant's bathroom. Please. Was she worried that her kids was going to see those footage? Not so much. Now, she's "emotionally distraught" that there are tapes of her. I seriously feel sorry for her kids to have a narcissistic mother who only thinks of herself....why else would she sign up for a reality TV knowing how shady her past is?


No Comments? OMG, this is a train wreck, you have to watch! Jersey girl goes bad, bad, bad!!! Coke Whore, Plain Whore, Whore-able Mother, Bitch, and engaged 19 times! roflmfao! Personally, if I were to knock boots with any of these NJ broads I'd have to flip a coin between Jackie & Dina. If forced to pick one it would be Jackie.

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