Danielle Staub Hypes Allegations of Drug-Riddled, Criminal Past

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Is Danielle Staub really a cocaine-snorting former stripper with a criminal record? We don't know for certain.

But is this Real Housewife of New Jersey a perfect pitchwoman for her reality show? No doubt about it.

Ray J Impersonator

Interviewed on The Today Show this morning, Staub didn't shy away from stories in Cop Without a Badge, the 1995 memoir that allegedly details her shady life in Miami under the alias "Beverly Merrill." Instead, she used the book as a means to promote tonight's new episode.

“I can only touch on [the rumors],” Staub told host Hoda Kotb. “I can just say, it’s out there and it will be addressed. And I will definitely touch on all the subjects that are crucially in need of touching on at the time when the time is right.”

Translation: the time will be right each week on The Real Housewives of New Jersey!

Staub, who was reportedly arrested in the 1980s for her involvement in a kidnapping, said of such a rumor:

"It's not that I don't want it known, I just think there's a time and place for everything and it was deemed by Bravo that now was my time... [but] this was way before I got married - way before I had children. And maybe people can watch and see how it unfolds. Because I think people are go to be shocked."

Will we actually have all questions answered on tonight's new episode? Of course not. A good drama knows how to suck in its audience and leave viewers wanting more.

"You won't have them answered for - actually until maybe next season. Who knows..." said Staub, already doing her best to solidify a spot on the show for next year.

She's good. Staub must have gone to the Spencer Pratt school of public relations.

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This season of Housewifes of New Jersey was great. Teresa rocks! She seems to be so laid back but the table turnover shows that she is a firecracker! I give you two thumbs up girl you handled yourself well. If that was me....I probably couldn't have held myself back! Cant wait until next season to see how everything unfolds. And congrats on your new baby!


I think this Danielle chick needs to go off the show. I love Caroline,Teresa and Dina---they rock!! Danielle is so fake and vain and non attractive; she has NO CLASS compared to the "sisters" and "dynomite" Teresa.
I can't wait for next season.


more useless tv...please all these women are superficial, vain, judmental, empty twits. Its all exterior..these women are catty, negative and soulless...they are so impressed with themselves and thier money and possessions it is pathetic. when theresa's huband makes the gay slur, which Danielle had the good sense to be offended by, he proves how ignorant and low class even people who have money can be. Once again, I can not imagine spending even a minute with these people. Jacqueline, may be the one who has a heart.