Cute Celebrity Baby Alert: Frances Quinn Hunter!

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It's a good day to be John Edwards.

Now that Mark Sanford's affair with Maria Belen Shapur has officially replaced his weird relationship with Rielle Hunter as the political scandal everyone is talking about, maybe the two-time presidential candidate can rebuild his career and reputation.

Or not.

Despite the surprise unveiling of Mark Sanford's affair doing heavy damage to the South Carolina Governor's political future, he did not knock her up at least.

Not that we know of, anyway. For John Edwards, his extramarital boinking of Rielle Hunter is said to have resulted in a love child, and an adorable one too.

Check out this adorable picture of Frances Quinn Hunter, born in 2008, along with that of her alleged former U.S. Senator dad (who denies the allegations).

Rielle is said to be pushing for a DNA test. We don't expect Edwards to agree, but if he's somehow forced to by a court, will it show him to be Frances' pop?

Right now, no one can answer that definitively. But Edwards has been beyond shady, and she has the nicest eyes, much like a certain handsome politician ...

Frances Quinn Hunter Pic
John Edwards Lies

Is Frances Quinn Hunter John Edwards' love child? Will admitted mistress Rielle Hunter attempt to prove this and thus create more controversy? We can only hope so.


I am so sorry, but Lisa Druck you are not pretty. John Edwards is actually not a bad looking person. But come on, John, were you that weak to actually make a sex tape. Whenever you're not living your life right, you'll eventually be caught. You reap what you sow. Yea after being married some 30 yrs, and some people do get older looking, it doesn mean you're still not attainable or desirable. Elizabeth, also, you will be healed. You're time aint over until the big guy says it's over. Heck you could out live all of us if you just believe and it's in God's will for your life. You be strong, have faith and believe you will be healed!


Of course he is the father! Look at that baby it looks like him! She is beautiful. I must admit it comes from her dads good looks. It is a shame men do these things and hurt so many people. I think Rielle is a disgrace for getting knocked up. She is going to make her daughter not proud of her for doing that to her. Take note people!


Can't wait for Elizabeth to show Rielle how stupid a skank she is. I don't know who fathered this baby but thank God the baby does not look like the cooze. IF this baby was fathered by John Edwards it is an unforgiveable sin. There are too many selfish pigs in this fight, Rielle, John, Andrew Young -- what a nightmare scenario for Elizabeth and her beautiful children. I only worry about them, the rest have such bad karma now they are doomed.


Elizabeth Edwards should stop the tramp from continuing the publicity by suing her. North Carolina allows suits for "criminal conversation" which only requires proof of sex between a third party and the spouse of the person bringing suit. Slam dunk on that one - John Edwards admitted it and a paternity test will prove it! NC also still allow suits for "alienation of affection" which requires proof there was a valid loving marriage and the malicious actions of a third party contributed to alienating that affection. Slam dunk here too - standing outside a hotel for hours to tell a stranger "you are so hot" definitely contributed to alienating affection. Watch out Lisa/Rielle or you'll find your sorry ass in court being ripped apart by Elizabeth Edwards!


Of course I have to keep giving the tabloids new pix of her or everyone will forget about us with a new politician admitting an affair every week. I have to support this kid and what do you expect me to do . . . get a job? I haven't had a real job in my life and I have no intention of starting one now. I've always either had my allowance from Daddy and his horse killing scam for insurance money or I've scammed rich men for money. Why should I change now? Want to know more about me? Check out:


John E.-How can you deny your own daughter? But come to think of it, she is better off without you!


John E. You are a DOUCHEBAG PATHETIC LIAR CHEATER BASTARD! You are the FATHER!! You are in denial! You sick PIG!!


So that cooze Hunter is releasing more pictures of her kid to keep this in the news so the money doesn't dry up. Hope she's putting some of it away for the extensive therapy this kid will need when she's older and learns all about this mess. Of course Hunter isn't putting anything away - she's spending it as fast as she gets it and the kid will be on her own as soon as she can get away.

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