Confirmed: Jason Trawick is Britney Spears' Boyfriend

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Most celebrities loathe and resent the fact that they have to give their agents a nice piece of their assets ... but apparently not Britney Spears.

She's dating him. Jason Trawick. No, really, it's legit.

Big Wave to Fans

Trawick, an agent with William Morris, who has been seen with Brit in L.A. and in the Bahamas in the last month, is officially Spears' boyfriend.

People reported this development last night and now, multiple sources tell TMZ that it's the case. They are really dating. It's 100 percent true.

Here's a photo of the confirmed lovers from May:

Jason and Britney enjoy some fun in the Bahamanian sun last month. The agent accompanied Spears and her family on vacation to the Caribbean paradise.

According to reports, Jason Trawick, who Spears has "always had a crush on," has been visiting Britney on tour - most recently in London last weekend.

Jason has also said that when Britney Spears' tour is over he's planning on whisking his sweetie away on a vacation to a "private location." Hot stuff!

Wonder how papa Jamie Spears feels about it. Oh, right, Trawick probably had to clear every detail with him first. And Jamie will be going with them.

Just kidding about the last part. Sort of. Not really.


I was ur number 1 fan but since ur engaged to that loser my new favorite singer is kelly Clarkson


oh,i think that britney see more better without boyfriend ,but, if she want has a boyfriend but that lookin' handsomes no uglys , if she is pretty and . i wanna say you some words :"that i love you maybe i'm not a famous people and adult but i love you .
eh, and tell you that you're pretty in all yours pictures ,i wish you the best the world ". and i'm waitin' and that you read my letters ok . bye i love you so much .


your such a looser..........


Ah this girl and her JT's lol Good for her. Hopefully he won't be a D Bag like the last few have been!


Why are you saying this is true when Britney's publicist, Holly Shakoor, hasn't confirmed or denied it? Is your moniker, Free Britney, a joke?


Wish Britney happiness, she sure has worked hard to get her life back on track.

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