Confirmed: Drake LaBry is Adam Lambert's Boyfriend!

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The sexual orientation of Adam Lambert is no longer a question.

Following months of speculation about this singer's likely affinity for men, Lambert let an evening out this week do all the talking:

He was spotted leaving Guys and Dolls nightclub in West Hollywood with Drake LaBry, a 24-year old interior designer that we can now confirm is dating the popular American Idol runner-up.

Sources say LaBry was often in attendance at Idol tapings this season, though no one knew of his relationship with Lambert at the time.

Click on the following pics of Adam and Drake to enlarge photos of the couple, hand-in-hand, from last night:

Drake LaBry Pic
Drake LaBry Photo
Drake LaBry and Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert and Drake LaBry

[Photo Credit: Fame Pictures]


Good for you, Adam. I had a feeling the way his "confirmation" would be in a way we weren't expecting, and that Rolling Stone would not be the megaphone it's been hyped to be. Leave it to Adam to do the unexpected - which, in this case, is just living his life! I haven't seen him make a "misstep" yet - All this (voice, looks, poise, articulateness, manners, kindness ... AND a head for good PR. Awesome.


Confirmed? All you did was post the same thing as a half dozen other web sites. Did you interview Adam? Did he SAY "this is my bf Drake?" You CONFIRMED nothing! Gotta say tho - Drake is a LOT hotter than Cheeks! Nice choice Adam - hope he make you happy! BTW, "dating" someone does not necessarily make them a "bf" - neither does holding hands. Get a LIFE!


Do people really need things spelt out for them, he never denied it, when questioned about photos of him with a guy, he said "It is what it is". Now can we focus on getting him to do a world tour as we are all dying to see him perform live in his own concert


Adam looks so happy and cool, but the boyfriend looks a little stunned and not so thrilled with the cameras flashing. Better get used to it, boys. This is your life, Adam! Love it for Adam -- he is a natural star. Not sure the other guy is ready for the media glare.


Adam was never "in" for some reason the photos of him kissing guys and dressing in drag just weren't enough for people to realize the guy is gay. Now can you report on how talented he is and what a great singer he is.


Love this guy.

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