Chris Brown May Want to Rethink PR Strategy

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For about three months following his "alleged" brutal assault on Rihanna on February 8, Chris Brown was content to lay low as his lawyer did the talking.

In late May, for whatever reason, his self-imposed exile ended.

Rihanna and Abusive Boyfriend

Chilling with Usher, balling with Shaq, posing lame YouTube shout-outs and leaking a set of cute, post-coital pics of himself with Rihanna, the embattled star has embarked on a PR blitz of sorts even as he faces serious felony charges.

But if Chris Brown really wants us to believe he "ain't a monsta," maybe he should start by not being a tool and posing like a complete thug in pics like this.

Just a thought.


Oh leave Chris alone already and get a life!!! SOme people are just haters no matter what. Even if it was a picture of him smiling in a 3 piece suit yall, will have something negative to say..


o so every person throwin up the peace sign is a thug? please shut that shit up right now


FUCK THATS SHIT HAPPENED GOT DAMN HOW LONG AGO, leave that fine ass boy alone, him and mario look sexy as hell but i never noticed chris has a big head, but its ok cuz i love that big head.........but dont take off the hat lol, oh and fuck rihanna let her fuck everybody n hollywood she a skank n e way


leave him alone. i love chris. he's amazing and always has been. yeah, he made a mistake. but everyoneeee does. and im not saying he beat rihanna. yeah, you may think that sounds dumb but i honestly don't know what he does or doesnt do in his personal life. and its none of my business and its nobody elses either. chris brown is a legend. always has been, always will be. and for people who say "oh, he's a woman beater. he has no respect for woman." how the hell would you know? you were NOT in the car that night. now hate on me, but im just speaking the truthh. chris, i support you all the way. and to all the haters, just keep on hating. cause somebody's gotta do itttt.


ANYBODY who tinks he is a tool 4 posing like dat is a loser! and probly love the fuckin jonas brothers and dem queers! freaks theres notin wrong wit dat pic whoever wrote this article is a queer faced loser wit no life and not cas im a chris brown fan but because your jst so pathetic its not right


fuck you i was just sayin 2 myself 2day how i wasn't into chris anymore but den i read shite like this and i get pissed off! chris can pose anyway he wants in any pictures now your the tool because your life is based on how he lives his! so really your the loser! and how can you say he leaked those pics? wen he didn't! your just a loser and for that i am back to sticking up for chris brown because hes got talent unlike you you fat ugly sac of shit


You got this lame story from TMZ, the king of all racist snakes! Let it go its getting so tired. Every move this boy makes everyone is there to jump in his shit. Why dont you write about that sexual deviant Carridine who died trying to suck his own dick!!!


I agree with Lizz.


Wtf?! The huys a douche! He needs to learn some respect!!


Iluvchrisbrown u r so right!people need to realise that he is sorry for what he did! We are not pefect peoole! We all make mistakes. Chris is just having some fun so leave him alone. Let him have fun he is only 20! And yeah iluvchrisbrown they are both hot and i love chris brown

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