Chris Brown May Want to Rethink PR Strategy

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For about three months following his "alleged" brutal assault on Rihanna on February 8, Chris Brown was content to lay low as his lawyer did the talking.

In late May, for whatever reason, his self-imposed exile ended.

Rihanna and Abusive Boyfriend

Chilling with Usher, balling with Shaq, posing lame YouTube shout-outs and leaking a set of cute, post-coital pics of himself with Rihanna, the embattled star has embarked on a PR blitz of sorts even as he faces serious felony charges.

But if Chris Brown really wants us to believe he "ain't a monsta," maybe he should start by not being a tool and posing like a complete thug in pics like this.

Just a thought.


i agree every boy i kno i pose lik dat yall need to lay off my boy chris i mean like dey said rihanna partyin her hip off n yall een sayin ntn so leave my boy alone and let him live his life yea he made a mistake and i sure he learn from it. yall people need to get a life and leave chris own alone and da only reason yall making a big deal of rihanna getting beat is cause her and chris are starz let dat did been some normal person like me yall wouldnt of said a thing.


CHIRS BROWN IS WHACK. WICKETY WICKETY WAHCK. hahaha you lame ass chicks in here like "chris brown omg i love you, you can beat me up anyday" i hope there is help for you out there.


I would rather see Chris throwing up two fingers for peace and victory than carry a cup of alcohol. Almost every picture that Rihanna has taken where she has been at a fun function or personal outing she has a cup of alcohol. Why are you not writing about that? Drinking alcohol is more dangerous than two fingers in the air. Rihanna has been all over the globe living her life, let Chris live his. Obviously, what happened between them is not bothering her. They are moving on from this incident, so should you. Yes, why aren't you talking about sexual deviant Carridine who died trying to suck his own dick?


he is really sorry 4 wat he did and we all make mistakes. he just lost control for a minute. hes stil the same person he was and I luv him . Rihanna needs to go fuck herself then go to kanye and ask him 2 do the same and then got to drake and tel him 2 do the same! Good luk Chris and all the haters go fuck rihanna bitch wouldnt mind.


I agree with Lizz. Chris brown is so DONE right now. Posing in pics like this is lame like his shout out like he aint a monster. well he is monster. His PR strategy is not winning any points. Beating up his girl and then leaking nude pics of her. Seriously dude, learn some respect. Yeah we know you dont respect women, at least learn to respect people. All those boys hanging around Chris, dont be endorsing his sorry ass. yeah he is sorry alright>> as if!! He pleaded not guilty. he is monster. he beats the woman he is supposed to love and he pleads not guilty. Cold blooded dipwad.


i feel sorry for Chris Brown .. people wont leave him alone. i love him so much. THEY BOTH LOOK SO HOT THERE!


Chris Brown can do whatever he so damn well please. No one is seeing the damages that rhianna caused to this young man,after all he is still 20 and not yet 21,people get over it and stop wagging your tongues.Chris i admire you, and keep on holding your head up, this to shall pass.


You see...the problem is...he is a THUG.


If he's such a douche then why search under his name to read the lastest news about him? How is this picture thuggish in any way? So now that he's trying to have life after the incident that means he's being disrespectful??? What the f*&k is he supposed to do, stay cooped up in the house for the rest of his life? Rihanna certainly has NO problem with moving on ESPECIALLY when it involves men. Enjoy your life Chris Brown a real person wouldn't fault you for doing just that! Grow up people, seriously!!!!


You are putting too much thought in his life and intentions...but, hey, I guess that is part of your JOB. You have to put captions under celebrity pictures and create some kind of controversy so people can come to your site - kudoos!

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