Chris Brown Hooks Up with Keri Hilson

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Hooks up in the professional sense, that is. Not in the sense of a make-out session between them, or delivering a devastating right hook to her dome.

Even with his preliminary hearing scheduled for tomorrow, Chris Brown isn't letting legal problems get in the way of putting together his new album.

Not a Gentleman

Keri Hilson, a hit-making songwriter and singing superstar in her own right, tells E! Online that Chris recently asked for her help in the studio.

"He contacted me like four or five days ago," Hilson said. "Us working together will be the first project I've worked on as a songwriter in a while."

This wouldn't be the first time for the two. They dueted on "Superhuman," plus Hilson wrote "Young Love," a track on Brown's debut album.

Despite Chris Brown's alleged walloping of Rihanna on February 8, Keri Hilson thinks his fans will stick with him, especially as more time passes.

"It is unfortunate what they are going through, but I feel like if you've ever had a fan base, you're really only one song away from appeasing that base," she said of Chris Brown, whose PR firm is actively trying to remake his image.

"Whether that song is autobiographical or whether you want to talk about it or not, you're just one hit away. That's what I think of the industry in a nutshell."

Lil Wayne is another controversial star Hilson has collaborated with. Most recently, two women (Nivea Hamilton and Lauren London) came out and said that they are currently pregnant with babies fathered by the frequently-arrested rapper.

"I'm still kind of hoping it's not true," Hilson said of Lil Wayne's losing battle with condoms. "I'm a face-value person. I won't believe it until I see it."

Give it about 6-7 months then, Keri.


hey man its yo boy jus turned 15 i lik chris no homo i think he should go with keri she fine as hell so lik i said all of u datz hatin on my dog chris brezzy jus stop checking up on him u kno chris my dog keri the shit and fine as hell so i think they make a gud couple


ma ke cessi in questa foto!!!!!!!


dam chris are you really dating this chick? well she is cute anyways so go ahead and do your mi bowy nuff love you zee mi.............


keri should not fall it is a trap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


alll u haters need to clam down if you dont like him u need to stop checkin on him an seein wat hes doin instead leave him alone and stop juding love,mya
love u chris


Chris, we are all human and any human being can snap at any time T so just put that behind u and keep yo head high. Am one of yo biggest fans. I really love yo music. Just waiting for ya latest release, whether movie, music as long as its u. cheers


go ahead breezy...u did it 4 a reason... I courge u an dont that nasty bitch!! U the man dont hear no satisfaction 4rom those haterz...
U have my support! Janet n1 fan


Gho fhor it Chris i like Keri Hilson(Brown) no hormo. jhust gho for it


Yo y'all slow Chris is still number one he still coming out wit songs look at rhianna she has not made one new song sorry but Chris is still number one


Chris I love your moucis and I love what you doing and I love you chris but keep your heand up and all was smile.....


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